How will you measure this year in your life?

In the truths you discover? How about love? Or courage?

Let’s make this a whole year of courage — and then some!


It takes 10,000 hours, they say,
to become a virtuoso.
10,000 hours of scales,
of drills, of stretching
toward the details of a dream.
10,000 hours of honing
the muscles to their
finest fibers, until mastery
becomes a native language,
engraved below thinking,
instinctive as your own
heart’s rhythm.
10,000 hours.
Which explains why my hand
finds yours so perfectly,
interlacing so exactly,
even in sleep.

Lynn Ungar, from “Bread and Other Miracles

We’re human beings ’round the clock, 525,600 minutes a year. The “Seasons of Love” song and this poem feel like blessings for the new year. It’s as if they say, “May it be possible to speak our heart’s language, even in our sleep. May we trust in ourselves and each other to love well, despite all that’s hard.”

Who and what can you count on this year?

What really counts in your life?

How might you count on your courage?

This year, we invite you to explore ideas and practices that can fortify and sustain you for your wholehearted work in the world. On February 6th we will launch our new book, The Courage Way: Leading and Living with Integrity. Stay tuned and get ready to kick off your own conversations about things that matter — like courage, true self, trust, and community.

Warmest regards,


Shelly Francis
Marketing & Communications Director
and author of The Courage Way

Courage & Renewal programs are a place to learn practices that connect you to your inner wisdom and to other people, fortifying your heart for real life and leadership.

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