Unknowingly, we plow the dust of stars,
blown about us by the wind, and drink the
universe in a glass of rain.
~Ihab Hassan

I’ve always found Solstice times to be deeply grounding. Something about placing ourselves in the larger universe of ongoing cycles of change and renewal helps me put my own life and challenges in perspective.

For some the days are growing longer and for others shorter; for those who are ready to let go of the doldrums of winter there is the promise of new life and for those at the height of summer there is the reminder that there is also beauty in darkness. I find it fascinating that something so predictable can still feel miraculous.

At a recent conference I attended I heard this sage comment: “Both faith and fear require belief in something you can’t see: pick one.”

When I get lost in the daily reminders of hate, ignorance, violence and greed, the fear takes hold. Grounding myself in the universe’s deep assurance of renewal and rebirth liberates me to see the kindness in everyday acts, the persistence of resistance against divisions, the inspiration of creativity in many forms.

We are but a speck of dust in time and place, and yet each of us contains the majesty and miracle of life itself.
What grounds you in hope at this time of year?

In faith and in courage,

Terasa Cooley
Executive Director

P.S. Courage & Renewal programs offer places and practices that help us show up with courage in hard times.

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