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What is trust?

Really. Not just a definition or concept but the lived experience.

I wonder how you might answer that question at a deep level?

This February, we are launching the first pilot program called Touchstone: Trusted Leaders. Trusted Spaces. Offered in the Midwest, it will run for 6 months and will serve business leaders at the senior executive level, including vice presidents and directors.

I invite you to take a look at the website here:

As Touchstone has developed over the last year I have had the opportunity to look closely at work relationships I hold, the values that initiated and sustain those relationships, and ultimately whether they are reliable when push comes to shove.
As it will. It always does.

Touchstone then has been built on 5 core values:


And yes, we are using the L word in business. It is essential.

Deeply rooted in the history and methodology of Courage & Renewal, we are developing systems of learning, coaching and being with others that will best serve those in executive levels positions in business. To that end, we know that there is a developmental sequence that must begin with individual awareness. Over time, that consciousness will produce evidence in new behavior that is consistent and reliable. As individuals behave in intentional and new ways, the culture of a group will begin to shift. If those new ways of being are held, not only does culture of a group shift but there are outcomes that will unfold. That sequence and possible progression is exciting to imagine and witness.

Along the way, our work will have a concentrated focus on the 5 core values and the associated practices that lead to trust.


In a complex and dynamic world, we need it. And now.

And so, we launch Touchstone.


Greg EatonGreg Eaton is the Touchstone Program Director. He is also Founder and Principal of Eaton and Associates and has decades of experience working with leadership development, change processes and organizational systems in three sectors: university administration, church/not for profit and business.

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