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bell hooks and Parker J. Palmer dialogue

This dialogue between bell hooks and Parker J. Palmer took place on Wednesday, April 20, 2016, as one of several public events at the 2016 bell hooks Residency at St. Norbert College, where the Cassandra Voss Center serves as a sister-center to hooks’ own bell hooks Institute at Berea College in Kentucky. It was co-sponsored  Continue Reading »

Let’s Talk about the Inner Life of the Rebel

When we heard that Parker Palmer was going to be on stage with Courtney Martin at PopTech 2014, in a conversation hosted by OnBeing’s Krista Tippett, we really wished we could be there. The theme of this year’s event is Rebellion and it sounds right up our alley: “The spirit of rebellion is at the  Continue Reading »

Singing for Social Justice & Compassion

“Her songs are attuned to the still, small voice of the soul,” says Parker Palmer. Others have described her as a “minister of the wide-eyed gospel of hope.” Our good friend Carrie Newcomer, singer/songwriter and social justice activist, is a shining light of love and compassion. She believes kindness can save the world and proves  Continue Reading »

New Interview: Parker J. Palmer Speaks on Jean Vanier

Parker Palmer was recently interviewed by one of our facilitators, Dan Hines, about his profound respect for Jean Vanier, the writer/humanitarian/philosopher and L’Arche Community founder. As both a realist and an idealist, Vanier represents an embodied example of leading with love in the face of some of the world’s truly heart-breaking and yet also most  Continue Reading »

Everyday “Lollipop” Leadership

How many of us are completely comfortable calling ourselves leaders? Why not? In the TEDxToronto video above, Drew Dudley shares a story about the moment he realized he had the idea of leadership all wrong. “As long as we see leadership as something bigger than us―as long as we keep leadership as something beyond us―we  Continue Reading »

Habits of the Heart – A Different Slant on Heart Health Month

February 18, 2014 In honor of American Heart Health Month, we give you a different slant on the heart. In Parker J. Palmer ‘s latest book, Healing the Heart of Democracy, he calls us to embrace how profoundly interconnected we all are — or can be. In this video below, Parker describes each of the five  Continue Reading »

Diving Into School Morale

The February 2014 Educational Leadership publication is focused on building school morale and offers several articles reflecting on how to cultivate positive spirits in a school staff. The timing is superb…  I note on my calendar at the beginning of February every year to brace for the mid-year slump.  While I’m convinced it has a  Continue Reading »

What Do You Need for the Journey?

Karyn Frazier was trying to decide whether to go to seminary. Karyn tells of a moment at Courage & Renewal retreat when people were asking her open, honest questions. What’s holding you back? What is it you need to be able to make the choices you need? “It was like standing in doorway,” Karyn says,  Continue Reading »

Healing is Soulful Work

I came to the Courage & Renewal Health Care Institute because I believe we need companions for this journey. I don’t think we can do it alone. There are just too many forces that are operating to really destroy courage, to destroy the spirit, that we really want to cultivate and nurture in health care.  Continue Reading »

Nelson Mandela: Courage and Humanity

We share the spoken words of Dr. Maya Angelou reciting her tribute poem for Nelson Mandela, His Day is Done As Dr. Angelou says, “We lift our tearful voices to say thank you!” We honor Nelson Mandela’s life, legacy and hopeful vision lived out in the midst of injustice and suffering. He was a man  Continue Reading »