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Inspiring Students to Discover Their Gifts

I never realized I could be good in science,” said one teenager, who had just learned a new way of appreciating his natural talents. That insight arose because a teacher learned to engage her students in a new way thanks to some insightful coaching. Kelly Camak had been teaching for four years serving at-risk youth  Continue Reading »

From Good to Great in the Classroom

“I was a good teacher. Why were my students so disinterested?” Amy Swenson asked herself. Her teacher evaluations confirmed she was good at what she did. “Mrs. Swenson has high expectations, excellent knowledge of content, good classroom management.” Still she suspected something was missing. Amy decided to attend a Courage to Teach retreat led by  Continue Reading »

Courage to Lead Inspires Nonprofit Collaboration

“I was in a state of disillusionment,” said Sandra Copley, Director, Maternal Child Adolescent Health at the Santa Barbara Public Health Department in California. Sandra was working in a fractured system plagued by too many projects, minimal support, and the struggle to maintain its projects in the face of dwindling funds. Hoping to find some  Continue Reading »

How Walk and Talks Transformed a Freshman Class

“There is no curriculum, no test prep software, nothing out there that will make teachers better or improve education in this country more than Courage work,” said Ellie Gilbert, a 9th grade teacher from Oregon. Ellie was a teacher for only three years before she felt completely burned out. “At 22, I felt passion was  Continue Reading »

Times of Transition and Letting Go

I am a high school Biology teacher at Maria Carrillo High School in Santa Rosa, and I have completed three full Courage to Teach series, which have been invaluable to me personally and professionally. When I first started this adventure, I was teaching part-time. My son was in elementary school. I was running marathons, and  Continue Reading »

Transitions and Farewell

How do geese know when to fly to the sun? Who tells them the seasons? How do we, humans know when it is time to move on? As with the migrant birds, so surely with us, there is a voice within if we would only listen to it, that tells us certainly when to go  Continue Reading »

Courage to Lead is Inspiring a Shift

I came to Courage to Lead® in a state of disillusionment. I was working in a fractured system plagued by too many projects, minimal support and the struggle to maintain its projects in the face of dwindling funds. So I applied for a Santa Barbara-based seasonal retreat series for nonprofit and community leaders, hoping to  Continue Reading »

The Teaching Coats Project

Imagine wearing a “Teaching Coat” that tells the story of who you are, one that challenges you to draw out the best of yourself and clarify your own vision of authentic leadership. This is the idea behind The Teaching Coats Project, and it came to me while reading Parker Palmer’s book, The Courage to Teach.  Continue Reading »

Recovering Hope, Poetry and Connection in Health Care

I recently attended the conference/retreat “Integrity in Health Care: The Courage to Lead in a Changing Landscape.” I arrived there in the usual state for me, tired, stressed and struggling to balance all of my clinical and administrative responsibilities with the rest of my life. I work as a psychiatrist and as Clinical Director at  Continue Reading »


“There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly.” ~ Margaret Fuller We have one week left of school.  It’s always been a little odd for me to have a profession that ends and begins every year.  I’m not sure how it affects the kids, except they seem to get  Continue Reading »