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Classroom Management: Developing your Signature Approach

My first year of teaching, kids hid equipment in garbage cans, cursed at me under their breath, and got into fights when I wasn’t looking. They pushed my buttons so much that I had an intense pain in my jaw for the entire year. Even last week, after years of teaching, I fell into a  Continue Reading »

9 Best Teaching Practices for Cultural Competency

Editor’s Note: Teachers have a special leadership role to play with their students, with their colleagues and with the communities they serve. As a new school year begins in the wake of the tragic shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, Teacher Katy Reedy of Educurious offers a powerful call to action in this guest  Continue Reading »

How Walk and Talks Transformed a Freshman Class

“There is no curriculum, no test prep software, nothing out there that will make teachers better or improve education in this country more than Courage work,” said Ellie Gilbert, a 9th grade teacher from Oregon. Ellie was a teacher for only three years before she felt completely burned out. “At 22, I felt passion was  Continue Reading »

Looking deeper inside our students and ourselves

by  (August 15, 2013) I’ve found when I tried or looked deeper inside What appears unadorned might be wondrously formed You can’t always tell but sometimes you just know –Carrie Newcomer, “Geodes” Are teachers still able to know their students beyond their test performances? Many, especially teachers in schools that have been declared failures, are  Continue Reading »

Must intruder lockdowns be part of our children’s curriculum?

In a classroom of fourth- through sixth-graders, I am visiting as a university supervisor observing a student teacher. The host teacher is my former student, Jill. She is direct, funny, smart, and articulate. It’s easy to see in her the passionate student I first knew. A few minutes into a geometry lesson, an announcement comes  Continue Reading »

Creating Trust Among the Adults at School

One great thing about A Year at Mission Hill’s latest video, Chapter 7: Behind the Scenes, is that we actually get to see the honest struggles involved in creating a school where “everyone working together can create a strong learning environment that encourages respect and empathy.” While this is the shared goal we have continually  Continue Reading »

Love & Limits in the Classroom

This week’s Chapter 4 video of A Year at Mission Hill, considers the questions: What is the relationship between our social & emotional well-being and our capacity for intellectual growth? What are the opportunities and the obstacles associated with full-inclusion classrooms? In this next installment from Mission Hill we learn that the school has been  Continue Reading »

Relational Trust and Reflection Strengthen School Communities

Recently, I spent time with a suburban public school principal, trying to figure out how it would be possible to carve out a day just before the beginning of the next school year for his faculty and staff to participate in a day-long retreat to explore the strengths and needs of the adult community and  Continue Reading »