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What Happens When You Really Listen: Practicing Empathy for Leaders

“Listening is the oldest and perhaps the most powerful tool of healing.  It is often through the quality of our listening and not the wisdom of our words that we are able to effect the most profound changes in the people around us.  When we listen we offer sanctuary for the homeless parts within the  Continue Reading »

In the shadow of VUCA: A call for Soul and Sanctuary in Corporate Leadership

A short while ago during a small group coaching session in the US with senior executive leaders, one man literally fell to his knees on the floor sobbing. He was exhausted by the pressures of his job and had been unable to sleep for so long that he had almost passed out at the wheel  Continue Reading »

The “Inner Work” of Leadership and the Courage to Learn Forward

In 2010, I wrote down my hope to attend a Courage and Renewal Retreat. Finally, with big dreams in my pocket, I walked into the Center for Courage & Renewal’s Academy for Leaders in March, 2015. I entered the first retreat tentatively, my ego so fragile. I held our communion with tenderness. As a teacher  Continue Reading »

The Emotionally Healthy Leader

An Interview with Courage & Renewal Alumnus and Author Peter Scazzero Peter Scazzero and his wife Geri discovered Courage & Renewal work like many: through a book. More specifically, it was the books of Parker Palmer that gave this evangelical pastor and author the tools to bring contemplative spirituality more fully into the life of  Continue Reading »

Solstice: Holiness in Stillness & Staying

There’s a broken suitcase on the floor of my room. In the last 6 weeks I’ve travelled to Portland, Seattle, Milwaukee, Atlanta, New York, Minneapolis. Google says 9,519 miles. I’ve kept rickety luggage partially packed on the clothing-strewn floor of my Green Bay, Wisconsin home for weeks, packing and repacking for different ventures — waking  Continue Reading »

Personal Power vs. Coercive Power: Finding Authentic Leadership

This is our Part 2 blog post featuring an excerpt from the new book, Becoming a Leader is Becoming Yourself, by Courage & Renewal facilitator Russ Moxley. We’re also offering blog readers a free PDF download of this excerpt. CLICK for a free PDF download!  See Part 1.  The Alternative: Personal Power Personal power is different  Continue Reading »

Becoming a Leader is Becoming Yourself

This blog features an excerpt from the new book, Becoming a Leader is Becoming Yourself, by Courage & Renewal facilitator Russ Moxley. We’re also offering blog readers a FREE chapter from the book. CLICK for a free PDF download of Chapter 4! Becoming and Being Authentic Authenticity is one of the keys to leadership effectiveness.  Continue Reading »

Authentic, Trustworthy Leadership Means Naming the Shadows of Our Insecurities

There is a deeply hidden place within me that I don’t think I have visited in a long time, and may not have visited ever if synchronicity hadn’t led me there. When I picked up the Leading from Within excerpt of Parker Palmer’s Let Your Life Speak, I knew something interesting was happening. I began  Continue Reading »

Leading Through the Blizzards

There’s a Leonard Cohen song, The Future, which refers to “the blizzard of the world” crossing the threshold and overturning “the order of the soul”. Leaders experience this blizzard in many forms, including an ever-increasing volume and velocity of challenges and complexity. The blizzards faced by business leaders can cause them to lose sight of  Continue Reading »

Self and the City: Finding Meaning in Our Work Depends on the Communities Around Us

Ideas become reality only when we experience them — in our bodies, our selves, our daily lives. So when a great bunch of Philadelphians gathered recently in the Great Hall of Neighborhood House, at Christ Church, for the WHYY event “City and Self: Bringing Humanity to Work,” that’s where we started — and I hope  Continue Reading »