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Pilgrim’s Purpose: Finding Strength and Trust on the Camino Finisterra

“…even before you sat down with them, broke bread and drank wine, wiped the wind-tears from your eyes: pilgrim they called you again. Pilgrim.” —David Whyte, from Camino [1] I was drawn to pilgrimages partly out of a deep desire to slow down and partly for a reason I could barely understand or articulate. More  Continue Reading »

Singing for Social Justice & Compassion

“Her songs are attuned to the still, small voice of the soul,” says Parker Palmer. Others have described her as a “minister of the wide-eyed gospel of hope.” Our good friend Carrie Newcomer, singer/songwriter and social justice activist, is a shining light of love and compassion. She believes kindness can save the world and proves  Continue Reading »

100 Reasons to Love Teaching With Heart

Today we’re proud to announce the debut of Teaching With Heart: Poetry That Speaks to the Courage to Teach. Here is a reflection by Rick Jackson, Co-Founder and Senior Fellow, who helped the editors select the final stories from hundreds of wonderful submissions. (Learn more about the book.) As I page through Teaching with Heart:  Continue Reading »

What do your “branches” offer the world?

Earlier this month, nearly 120 facilitators in our “Courage Collaboration” gathered in Minneapolis for a retreat and learning conference.  Our theme was exploring “roots and branches” and it inspired much creativity, including this poem below by facilitator Carol Kortsch. Carol also shares this link to the amazing story of this huge 3,200 year old Sequoia  Continue Reading »

Words of EnCOURAGEment #30 January 2014

The Contract A word from the led And in the end we follow them – not because we are paid, not because we might see some advantage, not because of the things they have accomplished, not even because of the dreams they dream but simply because of who they are: the man, the woman, the  Continue Reading »

How do you lead your life?

Is leadership an “out there” enterprise? Is it a function performed by other people — special, chosen others — who stand in front of a group and show us the way? Perhaps… but increasingly I’m realizing that our culture defines leadership too narrowly. What if instead of passing this practice off to the chosen few we  Continue Reading »

Courage to Lead is Inspiring a Shift

I came to Courage to Lead® in a state of disillusionment. I was working in a fractured system plagued by too many projects, minimal support and the struggle to maintain its projects in the face of dwindling funds. So I applied for a Santa Barbara-based seasonal retreat series for nonprofit and community leaders, hoping to  Continue Reading »

The Teaching Coats Project

Imagine wearing a “Teaching Coat” that tells the story of who you are, one that challenges you to draw out the best of yourself and clarify your own vision of authentic leadership. This is the idea behind The Teaching Coats Project, and it came to me while reading Parker Palmer’s book, The Courage to Teach.  Continue Reading »

Our Wishes for a More Courageous World

We wish you all the peace, love and light of the season…and add these staff wishes for a more courageous world: My wish for the world is that we each take that next step to extend ourselves for the sake of another’s learning and well-being. — Terry My wish for the world is each person  Continue Reading »

Step right up for creativity and renewed citizenship

Nine-year-old Caine Monroy doesn’t have much. He is young. Not particularly popular. His dad owns an auto body shop. But Caine is rich in imagination, and as it turns out, nothing could be as important. If you haven’t yet seen this powerful video about this Los Angeles-area kid whose ingenuity led to his dreams coming  Continue Reading »