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The Redemptive Power of Questions

What’s the best question you’ve ever been asked?  Questions are perhaps the human mind’s most powerful tool. Questions let us grow, both individually and as members of society. Questions help us deepen our understanding of why other people believe, say and do the things they do.  Questions can also tap into our collective creativity, helping  Continue Reading »

My First Year Teaching – The Courage to Teach with Gratitude

Teaching is a challenging endeavor. With all the demands on a teacher’s time and energy, it is easy to lose the enthusiasm that brought us into the classroom. The situation is not getting any easier with new requirements added to our load, including standardized testing and dealing with changing curriculums. My first year teaching, I  Continue Reading »

Why the Butterfly Died: The Hazards of Wrong Help

Have you ever had a friend or colleague try to give you helpful advice that wasn’t helpful? Probably your friend had good intentions. Probably they imagined their advice was just what you needed to hear. But in reality, their “help” was irrelevant, misdirected, or even harmful. This kind of thing happens all the time, and  Continue Reading »

Speak Your Truth, Respect Other People’s Truth

Do you find it hard to talk to someone you disagree with? When divisive topics are full of emotion, it’s hard to keep calm and genuinely listen when your mind is busy crafting a comeback. How often do you pause to fully uncover the story behind somebody’s opinion? Or wish someone would truly listen to  Continue Reading »

Best Courageous Books of 2015

Like last year, we’re excited to publish a year-end list of our favorite courageous reads of 2015! Use the index below to see books under each topic (the order is random). Books for Everyone Books of Poetry Books for Leaders Books for Educators Books for Health Care Professionals Books for People of Faith Best of  Continue Reading »

Transitions: Moments of Fear and Aliveness

Whenever I face a decision, take a risk, stand on the brink of a big transition, I must overcome my own fears to step forward. There’s that moment of letting go, of reaching out, of wondering if I’m going to fail and fall. Yet, again and again, something comes to meet me and I grab  Continue Reading »

Your Potential Is Waiting

The other day I heard someone say that we’ve created a world we don’t want to live in. Hearing that felt like a challenge. Because I believe we CAN create a world we DO want to live in. It will take courage and it will take more people trusting themselves to make a difference. That’s  Continue Reading »

Everyday “Lollipop” Leadership

How many of us are completely comfortable calling ourselves leaders? Why not? In the TEDxToronto video above, Drew Dudley shares a story about the moment he realized he had the idea of leadership all wrong. “As long as we see leadership as something bigger than us―as long as we keep leadership as something beyond us―we  Continue Reading »

Do It Anyway

Copied from Parker Palmer’s Facebook: At age 71, I am inspired by young people who care about democracy. One is Courtney Martin who will participate in our Boston conference next week. She’s written a hopeful book called Do It Anyway that profiles eight young activists who are not famous but who are making a difference.  Continue Reading »