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Finding the Wisdom to Survive Despite Sorrows

Where do you find courage, hope and renewal each day? A poem by Wendell Barry provides a clue.

Poised Between the Known and Unknown

“If you find yourself poised between the known and the unknown, between what has been and what comes next, we invite you to join us for a weekend retreat to explore the theme of threshold.” That was me, poised between the known and unknown. In 1994 my wife, Melinda Shaw, and I founded the Puget Sound  Continue Reading »

Becoming a Leader is Becoming Yourself

This blog features an excerpt from the new book, Becoming a Leader is Becoming Yourself, by Courage & Renewal facilitator Russ Moxley. We’re also offering blog readers a FREE chapter from the book. CLICK for a free PDF download of Chapter 4! Becoming and Being Authentic Authenticity is one of the keys to leadership effectiveness.  Continue Reading »

Best Courageous Books of 2014

We’ve had a few requests for book lists, so here are our favorite courageous reads of 2014! Use the index below to see books under each topic (the order is random). Books for Everyone Books of Poetry Books for Leaders Books for Educators Books for Health Care Professionals Books for People of Faith 2014 Books  Continue Reading »

Let’s Talk about the Inner Life of the Rebel

When we heard that Parker Palmer was going to be on stage with Courtney Martin at PopTech 2014, in a conversation hosted by OnBeing’s Krista Tippett, we really wished we could be there. The theme of this year’s event is Rebellion and it sounds right up our alley: “The spirit of rebellion is at the  Continue Reading »

Love is the Most Powerful Weapon

Hip-hop artist Prince Ea sits in the rubble of a home in St. Louis and tells us “the world is coming to an end.” He paints a picture that could end with despair, but inspires us instead with a wholehearted challenge: Instead of trying to change others, we can change ourselves. We can change our  Continue Reading »

Coming Out and the Courage to Be Real

  “We all have closets,” says Ash Beckham. “All a closet is, is a hard conversation, and although our topics may vary tremendously, the experience of being in and coming out of the closet is universal. It is scary, and we hate it, and it needs to be done.” In this video, she talks about  Continue Reading »

Buoyed Up for Courageous Leadership

Last year I found myself on the hotseat as a leader, being scrutinized and needing to come up with solutions to a major problem. My role at the time included directorship of a multi-organ transplant program at a large academic medical center. A routine certification survey conducted by the Centers for Medicare Services (CMS) revealed  Continue Reading »

Words of EnCOURAGEment #30 January 2014

The Contract A word from the led And in the end we follow them – not because we are paid, not because we might see some advantage, not because of the things they have accomplished, not even because of the dreams they dream but simply because of who they are: the man, the woman, the  Continue Reading »

Find Your Authentic Voice

A friend was in the running recently to be named CEO of the company he had worked at for 10 years. Both internal and external candidates were being considered. When asked why he wanted the job – besides more money and power – he said, “I want a challenge. I want to grow new businesses  Continue Reading »