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Courage to Teach

WoLakota Stories: Bringing Heart to Teachers on Pine Ridge Reservation

Editor’s note: This is DAY FIVE of our special week-long series about a local Courage to Teach program ccalled the WoLakota Project — a partnership with the South Dakota Department of Education, Technology & Innovation in Education (TIE), and South Dakota Elders. Today’s post tells the story of a principal who has been part of Courage to Teach in South  Continue Reading »

WoLakota Stories: Bringing Spirit & Pride to Standing Rock Reservation

Editor’s note: This is DAY FOUR of a special week-long series about a local Courage to Teach program called the WoLakota Project — a partnership with the South Dakota Department of Education, Technology & Innovation in Education (TIE), and South Dakota Elders. In this story, you’ll meet Ira Taken Alive who helped facilitate portions of the Courage to Teach retreats. The connection he made  Continue Reading »

WoLakota Stories: Facilitators Nurturing Community, Courage and Cultural Awareness

Editor’s note: This is DAY ONE of a special week-long series profiling teachers in a local Courage to Teach program called the WoLakota Project — a partnership with the South Dakota Department of Education, Technology & Innovation in Education (TIE), and South Dakota Elders. The WoLakota Project’s goal is to improve new teacher retention and help teachers  Continue Reading »

Re-calibrating Your Teacher’s Heart

I’m not a big fan of going back to school. After months away from kids, I sometimes forget the gifts of my vocation and start to think that napping on the couch would be a really good way to spend the fall. But, today it happened. I clicked into gear. This kid (who was a  Continue Reading »

Teachers Need Self-Reflection

What does a good teacher look like when doing her job well? This image resonates with me: Imagine a teacher who has just said good-bye to her last class of the day. A smile still lingers on her face from her last interactions with her students, perhaps one final suggestion about preparing for tomorrow. As  Continue Reading »

The Magic of Easy-Bake Oven Brownies (Or, How I Accidentally Became an Educator)

“Real isn’t how you are made,’ said the Skin Horse. ‘It’s a thing that happens to you. When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but REALLY loves you, then you become Real.’ ‘Does it hurt?’ asked the Rabbit. ‘Sometimes,’ said the Skin Horse, for he was always  Continue Reading »

To Change Teacher Attitudes, Change School Climates

“School was a stressful place and it affected me physically and mentally,” said David LaBrie, a French and Spanish public high school teacher. This was at a time when morale at Lin-Wood High School couldn’t have been worse. Colleagues were bitter, cynical and unhappy. You could feel the distrust in the air. “I tended to  Continue Reading »

A Better Way to Talk About Difference

Sherry Watt was looking for a way to navigate difficult dialogue around cultural difference, topics like race and religion that can start dangerous fires. “I needed a way to approach these contentious issues in the classroom without being consumed by it,” she said. Courage & Renewal gave Sherry a framework for changing the classroom into  Continue Reading »

100 Reasons to Love Teaching With Heart

Today we’re proud to announce the debut of Teaching With Heart: Poetry That Speaks to the Courage to Teach. Here is a reflection by Rick Jackson, Co-Founder and Senior Fellow, who helped the editors select the final stories from hundreds of wonderful submissions. (Learn more about the book.) As I page through Teaching with Heart:  Continue Reading »

Counseling with Heart and Joy

In August 2012 a friend sat beside me on the couch in his home and lay a book in my lap. A simple enough occurrence, but as I glanced at the title, the vibrations in the air around me changed in a way that heralded a paradigm-shift – he gave me his copy of The  Continue Reading »