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circle of trust

Getting by with a little help from my…circles of trust

It’s been a tough month, one of those squeeze points in which life throws a number of curveballs. I can juggle like the best of them and am reasonably adept at managing the difficulties that hit from time to time. It’s hard, though, when they come all at once. Without offering too much information, the  Continue Reading »

Vocational Clarity in a Circle of Trust

At 9am on a Sunday morning, in front of a group of new acquaintances, I was shedding quiet tears. From a bluetoothed ipad, Cat Stevens sang ‘Morning has Broken’ as I regarded a carpet of tree collages on the floor of the meeting room – the product of a workshop exercise the previous day. Let  Continue Reading »

Circles of Trust DVD Now Available Online, Free

The paperback release of Parker J. Palmer’s A Hidden Wholeness in 2009 included a companion DVD with 10 brief talks with Parker. At long last we have finished uploading the DVD onto the web so that today, we can offer you this resource for free. ENJOY! All 10 videos are available at ABOUT THE  Continue Reading »

The Sky We Share, The Stars That Guide

Click to download the Touchstars image it is time for the pilgrim in me to travel in the dark, to learn to read the stars that shine in my soul. I will walk deeper into the dark of my night. I will wait for the stars. trust their guidance. and let their light be enough  Continue Reading »

Asking Honest, Open Questions, Resisting the Need to Fix, & Letting the Light In

This past weekend, 22 Dinner Party hosts came together for our first-ever host retreat in Point Reyes Station, CA: a tiny town on the coast just north of San Francisco, replete with Douglas firs, foggy mornings, and clear-skied afternoons. One part wellness retreat, one part skill-building fest, one part The Real World for adults (sans  Continue Reading »

Dialing in to a Circle of Trust

Wide open spaces that isolate. Tight finances and long travel time. That makes it hard for pastors to leave their congregations for one retreat, much less a seasonal Courage to Lead series. But the value of connecting rural clergy with each other was too great to ignore. We wondered if there was another way  to  Continue Reading »

Food, Friends & Real Talk About Life After Loss

We spent a lot of time in our early days around the question of, “Is this a grief group or isn’t it?” and trying to understand what we were and were not qualified to do. We read books and studies and talked to lots of people with letters after their names. We soon realized the  Continue Reading »

Turning to Wonder

Turning to wonder is one of the touchstones used to create safe space in our Circle of Trust® approach. The touchstone suggests that if you feel judgmental, or defensive, ask yourself, “I wonder what brought her to this belief?” “I wonder what he’s feeling right now?” “I wonder what my reaction teaches me about myself?”  Continue Reading »

Building Trust in Congregations

After attending several Courage to Lead weekend retreats, I wanted to introduce circles of trust in my congregation. I hoped my congregation would experience the gift of being deeply heard and trusting their inner teacher, but I was afraid that if I tried creating something on my own, I wouldn’t maintain the integrity of the  Continue Reading »

Helping Physicians at Risk from Burnout, Isolation

“I thought I was the only one.”  I’ve stopped counting how many times I’ve heard this statement. Physicians, health care leaders, men, women, nurse leaders, administrators – the list goes on – speaking with some sadness from a history laced with loneliness, and also now with gratitude from the hope stirred by community. I know  Continue Reading »