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carrie newcomer

Happy Holidays!

During this time of holidays, enjoy this lovely song, Abide, sung by a dear friend of ours, Carrie Newcomer with lyrics written by Carrie and Parker J. Palmer. Abide Sometimes the finest gift we can give one another is true presence. I will bring a cup of water, Here’s the best that I can offer,  Continue Reading »

Singing for Social Justice & Compassion

“Her songs are attuned to the still, small voice of the soul,” says Parker Palmer. Others have described her as a “minister of the wide-eyed gospel of hope.” Our good friend Carrie Newcomer, singer/songwriter and social justice activist, is a shining light of love and compassion. She believes kindness can save the world and proves  Continue Reading »

A Permeable Life – New Album from Carrie Newcomer

Tomorrow, April 1st, marks the release of the twelfth studio album by award-winning folk singer/songwriter, humanitarian, and longtime friend of the Center–Carrie Newcomer. Her new album, A Permeable Life, and the companion book of poems and essays, expand on themes that Carrie has celebrated throughout her musical career: love, truth, amazement and living with a whole heart.  Continue Reading »

Words of EnCOURAGEment #28 November 2013

“I believe.” Something changes when you say it out loud. Something shifts. When you say “I love you.” When you say out loud, “This is important to me” or “I don’t know but I’m wrestling mightily with this idea.” Or “So much is changing, but this much. this much, I know is true.” Something happens  Continue Reading »

Welcome to Betty’s Diner

Where does the spirit of goodness move through our lives? Maybe it’s in the daily and unexpected places. Parker J. Palmer talks with Carrie Newcomer about her song, Betty’s Diner, and how it illustrates the second habit of the heart Parker writes about in Healing the Heart of Democracy. Visit with the folks in Betty’s  Continue Reading »

Letters to Self Remind Us to Stay True

Remembering the Habits of the Heart Retreat and Learning Conference He was debriefing a week-long backpacking trip along the Appalachian Trail this summer when two teenage girls approached my husband Rush, a United Methodist youth pastor, at the camp site. They wanted to remember rightly. The first said, “Rush, when we get home and the  Continue Reading »

Looking deeper inside our students and ourselves

by  (August 15, 2013) I’ve found when I tried or looked deeper inside What appears unadorned might be wondrously formed You can’t always tell but sometimes you just know –Carrie Newcomer, “Geodes” Are teachers still able to know their students beyond their test performances? Many, especially teachers in schools that have been declared failures, are  Continue Reading »

Three Times – Lessons in Gratitude from My Old Dog

Three times this winter I walked my old dog, Sophie, to the veil between this world and the next. But each time we stood at the threshold, she lifted her graying head, looked at the thing, and thought better of it. She peered into the mystery and decided to walk back to her memory foam  Continue Reading »

Democracy: The Musical!

In 2010, while I was writing Healing the Heart of Democracy, the Center held two national conferences on the subject, one near Seattle, one near Boston. At both conferences, the leadership team included a gifted musician whose contributions went far beyond providing “grace notes” or “background music” to the talks and group discussions. Music can  Continue Reading »

Hooked on Carrie’s Courage

I’m often amazed at the power of asking someone their own story. “Tell me about a teacher who changed your life,” always opens a rich conversation. As a long time elementary school teacher, I’m well aware of the immediate impact on a group of children from reaching for a beloved book and beginning, “Once upon  Continue Reading »