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Anita Morales Ken Saxon David Henderson Celeste Hoffpauir Hanna Sherman

What is an Divided Life?

Do you want to show up in the world with more of your true values and gifts, connecting with others in authentic ways? Hear from our founder, Parker J. Palmer, in this short introduction to the vision of Courage & Renewal.

Parker talks about how as human beings we are born whole, integral, with no distinction between what’s going on inside of us and what’s going on outside. As adults we may ask, “Whatever happened to me? How did I lose that capacity to be here as I really am?” We have to find a way to build a bridge between our identity and integrity as adults and the work that we do in the world.

Parker Palmer on Living Divided No MoreLiving Divided No More

In this piece, Parker shares how a safe space helped him move from deep uncertainty to living a life of greater wholeness and integrity.  He explains some of the characteristics that make a "safe space" and how these core principles led to the creation of the Center and our approach.

I hope you can find a way (or two) to create safe space for yourself and others.

Sherry WattHearing the Inner Voice

Like many of us, Sherry found herself giving, giving, giving to others only to find she had little left to give herself.  Sound familiar? Hear what Sherry did to find tools for renewal and solutions for living more meaningfully within her hectic life.

We hope you find some of these practices useful too.

Karen ErlichmanDiscovering Courage

Meet Karen Erlichman who shares how she discovered the courage to live a fuller life where she can "be more me."  She will tell you exactly what she did to embrace her full self and how her life has changed because of it.

You may find your life changing, too.

Stephen LewisInner Voice / Honest Questions

Inner truth often arrives with an "a-ha," a deep peace or a knowing stillness.  Stephen Lewis talks about an "a-ha" moment.

Our retreats are based on the premise that we all have an inner truth that is ours alone, and follows proven set of principles and practices that, time and time again, create the safe space needed for the soul or the inner teacher to appear.

Stephen shares the principle that was the most powerful for him and the gift he was given by utilizing it.  This principle may be empowering for you as well.

Parker Palmer on Safe SpaceSafe Space

In this video, Parker Palmer shares one of his Clearness Committee experiences.  One of the beautiful and inspiring characteristics of a clearness committee, as Parker demonstrates, is the unexpected and life-renewing insights given to us when we take the time to ask and have the courage to listen to our inner truth.

What insights have you discovered when listening deeply to yourself?

Karyn FrazierWhen the Soul Shows Up

Today, we would like to introduce you to Karyn Frazier.  Karyn shares a beautiful story of when her "soul showed up" and how her life was subtly yet profoundly changed. You might want to grab a Kleenex.

Anita MoralesA Third Thing

Anita Morales, a public school educator, talks about her experience in a Courage to Teachretreat. Anita shares how the use of a "third thing" invited her to discover her own inner strength and thus walk differently in the world. 

Learn more about our scope of programs for educators' professional development, which we call Courage in Schools.

Ken SaxonTurning to Wonder

Ken Saxon, a Courage & Renewal Facilitator, shares one of the touchstones of our approach that has strengthened his capacity as a community and business leader. This touchstone, "When in doubt, turn to wonder," allows Ken, and the communities he serves, to engage in those rich and vital conversations necessary in these complex and trying times.

Learn more about the principles and practices of our Circles of Trust® approach.

David HendersonThe Heart's Capacity

Educator David Henderson shares two touchstones that led him to not only see higher values and potential within himself but also the students, colleagues and family members around him.

You may find this helpful in rediscovering your deeper truths as well as developing the capacity to witness the diverse truths of others.

Celeste HoffpauirFinding Truth

Meet Celeste Hoffpauir as she shares her first Courage & Renewal experience, when she found deeper trust in herself.  The resources and wisdom gained at the retreat helped her become a better teacher.

You'll notice that Celeste mentions her Courage & Renewal Facilitator, Margaret.  Facilitators are essential to creating the safe space needed to invite the deeper wisdom to appear.  In the next video, Parker Palmer shares more about the skillful crafting of a Courage & Renewal experience.

ParkerCourage & Renewal Facilitators

In this video Parker talks about what these highly skilled facilitators are offering individuals and communities worldwide. Often, when an individual experiences the safety and honesty available within a Courage & Renewal retreat, he or she begins to see the potential these circles have within his or her home, workplace, and community.  

Our Circle of Trust Facilitator Preparation Program both trains and supports facilitators to offer Courage & Renewal retreats and programs in their communities and professions: in education, health care, congregations, civic life, nonprofit leadership, or anywhere people are yearning for more meaning, authenticity, and a sense of purpose in their and life and work. Find facilitators near you.

Hanna ShermanCourage in the Workplace

The power and potential of safe space is truly revolutionary. Today, we introduce you to a Courage & Renewal Facilitator Hanna Sherman, MD. Hanna shares her story of using our approach with a group of struggling medical residents in a hospital.  You'll get to see how creating a safe workplace can lead to transformational experiences that benefit all involved.