Do you find it hard to talk to someone you disagree with? When divisive topics are full of emotion, it’s hard to keep calm and genuinely listen when your mind is busy crafting a comeback.

How often do you pause to fully uncover the story behind somebody’s opinion? Or wish someone would truly listen to you?

Speaking your truth in ways that respect other people’s truth is one Touchstone in Circles of Trust – places where it’s safe to have conversations about things that matter. It isn’t just for disagreements but can work for all sorts of discourse.

Imagine what it might feel like to simply meet each other as human beings for a moment – feeling safe to speak, curious to listen.

This song, by Courage & Renewal facilitator Alan Claassen, creates a mindset of possibility. Invoking both Rumi and physics, Alan invites us into an open-hearted field where we can interact with compassion.

Higgs Field (lyrics)
by Alan Claassen

Out beyond ideas of right and wrong
There’s a field where you and I belong
Out beyond ideas of land and sea
There’s a shoreline where you walk with me
Oh my friend, I’ll meet you there.

Deep within the stone there is a fire
Deep within the seed there is desire
Far above ideas of young and old
There’s a mountain where our stories are told

Oh my friend, Oh my friend,
Oh my friend, I’ll meet you there

Light and dark are dancing a miracle
Everything large is made up of particles
That slow down long enough to embrace
This time. And this place.

Deep below ideas there’s my broken heart
Searching for a place where I can start again
Deep within my heart there is a song
I’ve been wanting to sing for oh so long

Oh my friend, Oh my friend,
Oh my friend, I’ll meet you there.
I’ll meet you there in this time
I’ll meet you there in this place

I’ll meet you there…

What happens when you try this and bring four simple practices to a conversation?

  • Listen with an open and compassionate mind, seeking to first understand.
  • Resist the urge to interpret, correct or debate what others say.
  • Acknowledge that our views of reality may differ.
  • Speak your own truth with “I statements”.

With gratitude and best wishes,
Terry Chadsey
Executive Director

P.S. Circles of Trust provide an opportunity to explore big questions about your life and leadership in a safe space framed by touchstones like “speaking your truth.” See upcoming Courage & Renewal programs on our calendar.

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