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Essays & Articles

Below are some of the written works by leaders and pioneers of Courage & Renewal. Follow this link for Parker’s writings.

Sam Intrator

pdf “The Person in the Profession: Renewing Teacher Vitality through Professional Development” (377 Kb)
by Sam Intrator and Robert Kunzman, The Educational Forum (Fall 2006)
A teacher’s vocational vitality, or capacity to be vital, present, and deeply connected to his or her students, is not a fixed, indelible condition, but a state that ebbs and flows with the context and challenges of the teaching life. In light of this, an emerging form of professional development programming explicitly devoted to nourishing the inner life or core dimensions of teachers is increasingly important for today’s educators.

Starting with Soul PDF “Starting with Soul” (2.4 Mb)
by Sam Intrator and Robert Kunzman, Educational Leadership (March 2006)
Rekindling teachers’ deep sense of purpose is no luxury.

Open PDF “The Heart of a Teacher: Making the Connection between Teaching and Inner Life” (160 Kb)
by Sam M. Intrator
Dr. Sam Intrator gave this keynote speech about the Courage to Teach program in November 2004 at the Tenth Anniversary of the International Step By Step Association in Budapest, Hungary.

Open PDF “Introduction to Honoring the Teacher’s Heart”
by Sam M. Intrator
Introduction from Stories of the Courage to Teach-Honoring the Teacher’s Heart, by Sam Intrator, Jossey-Bass Publishers, © 2002.

Open PDF Longitudinal Evaluation of the Courage to Teach Program (204 Kb)
by Sam Intrator

Rick and Marcy Jackson

Open PDF “COURAGE TO TEACH®: A Retreat Program of Personal and Professional Renewal for Educators”
by Rick and Marcy Jackson, from Section IV, Stories of the Courage to Teach-Honoring the Teacher’s Heart, by Sam M. Intrator, Jossey-Bass Publishers, © 2002.

Rachel Boechler

“Standing in the “Tragic Gap”
by Rachel Boechler. Published by the Association of Wisconsin School Administrators (October 2004)

Amelia Dress

Open PDFReimagining Teacher Development: Cultivating Spirit”
by Amelia Dress, Exchange (January/February 2012)
This article describes how teacher educators might help teachers invigorate and sustain their work by reconnecting to passion, vision, and a sense of purpose.

Scott Driscoll

Open PDF “Courage to Teach” (4.3 Mb)
by Scott Driscoll, Horizon Magazine (September 2005)
This article describes a Courage to Teach program in Washington State, following a group of teachers in retreat and back in the classroom.