Ethics, Courage and Leadership: A Courage & Renewal® Retreat for Legal Professionals

“I know from experience that many lawyers face vigorous demands of overwork, fierce competition and bottom line models of measuring success. The 'violence of modern life,' in Merton’s words, even in public interest law settings, can destroy the spirit of passionate, well-intended lawyers. These pressures often take a dispiriting toll on lawyers’ sense of individual wholeness, as well as the integrity of the institutions in which they operate.

It is my hope that this retreat will provide legal professionals with opportunities to examine the tensions between their personal values and professional demands, and to develop internal and collective resources to create more authentic lawyering and leadership. ”
-- Bonnie Allen, Courage & Renewal Facilitator and Board Member

Do you want to serve in the legal profession in a more authentic and sustainable way? This retreat introduces our Courage & Renewal principles and practices that can help you integrate your personal values and your professional identity.

Focused on the "who" question of leadership and vocation, our approach is rooted in the belief that effective leadership and ethical lawyering flow from the integrity of the individual.

Trained facilitators will create a space for you to remember your core values, including those that led you into the legal profession, and to examine where these values are honored in your life and work. The space also will provide opportunities for you to identify moral and ethical challenges posed in your legal practice and leadership roles. Our hope is that this retreat will enable you to access internal wisdom and to develop collective resources that will support lawyering and leadership with integrity and clear purpose.

Retreat goals include strengthening your capacity to LEAD:

  • Lead with courage and integrity in institutional and community roles
  • Examine ethics and professional responsibility "beyond the rules" as you make important decisions in your professional and personal lives
  • Access and reconnect with your core values
  • Discern your gifts and vocational direction

This new retreat is under development. For more information, contact Bonnie Allen.  In the meantime, we encourage you to explore our other Courage & Renewal retreat offerings.