Courage in Schools

Programs for Teachers, Educators, Administrators

Courage in Schools programs, retreats, and workshops are designed to help educators renew themselves and translate personal transformation into the transformation of their schools and institutions. We offer educators opportunities to reflect on the inner dimensions of teaching and leading and to increase their capacity to listen to self and others more deeply. Participants join with fellow educators to engage in honest self-reflection and explore questions about purpose, values, and commitment to their challenging work.

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Debbie Stanley on how she brought Courage & Renewal into the classroom.

Our Programs for Educators

  • Courageous Schools: Teaching and Leading in Tough Times

    A one-day workshop introducing educators to approaches for personal and professional renewal and to practical applications that bring reflection and mindfulness into classrooms and support the building of relational trust in the adult school community.
  • Leading Together: Building Adult Community in Schools

    A yearlong professional development program designed to build school leadership teams' capacity to facilitate the strengthening of the adult community in their institutions and develop relationships that are critical to creating the trust and social capital essential for common purpose in effective schools.

  • Courage to Teach®

    Courage to Teach® is a program of stand-alone retreats or quarterly series of retreats for the personal and professional renewal of educators. Courage to Teach focuses on renewing the inner lives of professionals in education.  

  • Courage to Lead® for Educators 

    Courage to Lead for Educators supports school leaders (principals, deans, department heads, teacher leaders, etc.) in sustaining and renewing their passion, enthusiasm, and commitment to school leadership and to the communities they serve. 

  • Professional development collaborations

Courage in Schools partners with individual elementary schools, middle and high schools, entire school districts, and institutions of higher education to design and provide professional development days or series tailored to the needs of your particular situation. We welcome inquiries about professional development that will meet your needs.

  • Presentations & keynotes

Courage & Renewal facilitators with experience in education are available to present at local, regional and national conferences with interest in the approaches available through Courage in Schools

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