Programs for Clergy and People of Faith

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Do you wish you had more time to pause, reflect, and reconnect with your calling?

Do you feel isolated and long for a community where you can candidly share your successes and failures without being judged?

Do you want space to explore spiritual practices
that can strengthen your faith and ministry?

Upcoming Events

Habits of the Heart for Healthy Congregations, Retreat & Learning Conference w/Parker J. Palmer
August 11th-14th, 2014
Siena Center
Racine, WI

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If so, you've come to the right place. Our programs will sharpen your discernment, revitalize your vocation, and sustain your service in the world.

Serving those who serve communities of faith

In today's landscape, clergy, congregational leaders, and people of faith are juggling an exhausting number of roles, while trying to build authentic and trustworthy relationships. Learning to hold these tensions in a healthy way is essential to sustaining a ministry.

In our retreat-based programs, using the Circle of Trust® approach, leaders can discover new ways to embrace multiple roles, reclaim balance between their personal and professional lives, and lead from a place of wholeness. With the help of skilled Courage & Renewal® facilitators, and guided by unique principles and practices, participants create a community of mutual respect and engage in prayerful listening to one another and God's inner guidance. This model of spiritual formation is described in depth in Parker J. Palmer's book altA Hidden Wholeness: The Journey Toward an Undivided Life.

Courage & Renewal® programs for clergy and people of faith are made possible, in part, by a grant from the Lilly Endowment, Inc

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  • Habits of the Heart for Healthy Congregations - an annual four-day retreat and learning conference for clergy and faith leaders who seek renewed energy for ministry, courage to lead in the congregation, and practices for building community. Using the habits of the heart outlined in Parker J. Palmer's book, Healing the Heart of Democracy: The Courage to Create a Politics Worthy of the Human Spirit, participants will learn new skills for fostering leadership - both in themselves and among each other - for the sake of revitalizing faith communities locally and around the globe. Our next retreat and learning conference will take place August 11th - 14th, 2014 outside of Milwaukee, WI. 
  • Courage & Renewal Programs Just for You - skilled facilitators bring the Circle of Trust approach to your ministry setting through a variety of themes and formats, tailored to fit the needs of your group.

Learn more about the Circle of Trust® approach from Parker Palmer