Courage & Renewal® Retreats for Everyone

Path at Islandwood Retreat Center on Bainbridge Island, WA

Retreats for Renewal in Life & Work

April 5, Tuscon, AZ 

April 11-13, Western Australia  

May 16-18, Estes Park, CO

May 29-31, Mebane, NC

June 12-14, British Columbia

June 17-19, Nova Scotia

June 19-22, British Columbia

July 17-19, Union, WA

July 25-27, Queensland

Aug 4-10, Santa Fe, NM

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Past Participants Share…

“Restful. Thoughtful. The weekend was a space where I could pause, consider, and remember – much needed.”

“It has been a profound inquiry into where I am and what has brought me here.”

“I loved the balance between self work & sharing with others.”

“Heart-centered, soul-searching, uplifting, gentle yet demanding, strengthening, and full of gifts to take home and share with others.”

“Empowering & encouraging.”

“Fantastic! Restorative, surprisingly what I needed in ways I couldn’t expect.”

We don't know what brings true meaning to your life and work. But we can help you find out.

On this page we'll tell you about our signature three-day retreat called the Journey Toward an Undivided Life. It offers a profound experience of the  Circle of Trust® approach — as described in Parker Palmer’s book, altA Hidden Wholeness. retreat you can return to more than once, each experience is new, refreshing and transformative.

Journey Toward an Undivided Life Retreat 
A 3-day program

Are you in the midst of life transitions, feeling at a crossroads in your life, career or relationships?

Do you want to make a difference in the world but find it difficult to sustain your original passion and purpose?

In such challenging times, it’s vital to build your capacity for resilience, to be discerning in your choices, to learn how to engage the questions of your life with impeccable clarity.

This retreat reconnects you with your inner wisdom—and with others—in a way that will refresh and sustain you like nothing else for the important work you do in the world. At this retreat, you will

  • Focus, without distraction, on what matters to you, especially your values and vision, challenges and fears
  • Learn principles and practices from our Circle of Trust approach that can be applied to your daily life and work.
  • Connect with others seeking similar insights, who listen fiercely with “no fixing allowed”, who honor each other’s differences.

What to Expect: Skilled facilitators help create a safe, quiet, and disciplined space—a circle of trust—in which the noise within us and around us can subside, where introspection becomes possible. In large group, small group, and solitary settings, we will explore the intersection of our personal and professional lives, making use of stories from our own journeys, and insights from poets, storytellers, and various wisdom traditions. Clearness Committees, a high-integrity and strictly confidential process of asking open and honest questions around a difficult issue within a small group, is offered as part of this retreat.

Our retreats take place at beautiful nature-filled venues with limited attendance for small groups, which allow for the intimacy needed to create the Circle of Trust experience. Delicious meals add to the sense of being personally cared for. Meditation and yoga are available to begin each day. See a Sample Agenda (PDF).

May 8-10 Baltimore, MD July 11-13 Minneapolis MN August 14-16 Seattle WA
      Sept 19-21 Toronto, Ontario, Canada Oct 17-19 Estes Park, CO