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Past Participants Share…

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“A truly unique program focusing on the courage to build matters of the heart into the workplace.”

“A deep dive into the issues that matter most to leaders.”

“It has been a profound inquiry into where I am and what has brought me here.”

“Heart-centered, soul-searching, uplifting, gentle yet demanding, strengthening, and full of gifts to take home and share with others.”

“Empowering & encouraging.”

“Fantastic! Restorative, surprisingly what I needed in ways I couldn’t expect.”

Based on the Circle of Trust® approach, our programs and retreats help you discover the clarity and courage to bring your true self to your life's work.

Participants report a deepened sense of purpose and meaning, expanded capacity to listen and be present, an improved ability to build trustworthy relationships, more courage to live authentically, renewed passion for work and a deeper commitment to serving others.

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The Courage Collaboration

Our Courage & Renewal Network of Facilitators

Skilled facilitators are at the heart of creating a safe and trustworthy space for participants in Circle of Trust® retreats and programs. Creating Circles of Trust: Facilitator Preparation Program is one of the Center's most important functions.

The 200 Courage & Renewal Facilitators, in the United States, Canada, and Australia, have led hundreds of retreats and short-term events for K-12 public school educators, healthcare practitioners, clergy and congregational leaders and nonprofit and community leaders and others who wish to live and work more wholeheartedly.