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Profession-Specific Programs

If you wish to strengthen your leadership capacity in the company of peers in your own professional sector, explore these programs:


for Teachers & Educational Leaders

Courage in Schools encompasses the range of programs offered by Courage & Renewal facilitators, including Courage to Teach® and Courage to Lead® retreats and programs. In addition to those in-person personal and professional development opportunities, you can also find many online resources for teachers and educators.

for Clergy & People of Faith

Courage & Renewal programs for clergy & people of faith are designed to sharpen your discernment, revitalize your vocation, and sustain your service in the world. These programs provide opportunities to reflect and reconnect with your calling within an honest and non-judging community. Using the principles of the Circle of Trust approach, you’ll discover inner wisdom and courageous practices that can strengthen your faith and ministry.

for Health Care Professionals

Courage & Renewal Health Care programs are for physicians, nurses, health care leaders and administrators who want new skills,  enhanced capacity and resilience to navigate the complex demands and changes facing health care today. Our programs are developed for both professional development and personal growth and renewal.