Anand Shah, MDPrimary Care Physician Anand Shah speaks to the value of the Integrity in Health Care Institute

In April 2013, the Center for Courage & Renewal will host its 2nd Annual Health Care Institute, “Integrity in Health Care: The Courage to Lead in a Changing Landscape,” a gathering of physicians and health care professionals who will examine fundamental questions about the future of medicine, learn new leadership tools, and reconnect with their core values in health care. We look forward to welcoming new participants, and welcoming back attendees from the first Institute, as we grow this community.

We talked with Anand Shah, MD, family physician and Chief of Professional Services at White Bear Lake Clinic in White Bear, Minnesota, about his experience at the first Health Care Institute in 2012.

Q. Why would you recommend the Health Care Institute to others?

A. “The Institute reinforced my core values and beliefs, personally and professionally, and helped me focus on what I want to achieve as a physician and as a leader. The group, the environment, and the facilitators are excellent. For people who are interested in improving their lives, personally and professionally, it is an extremely rich experience. They will definitely gain a lot.”

Q. What did you take away from last year’s Health Care Institute?

A. “It gave me new ideas, and also it was very helpful to hear from colleagues from different parts of the medical field about their experiences and how they approach issues they face on a daily basis. The Touchstones and practices we used have also helped me. When I talk to my colleagues or staff—when they come to me for help or with issues—I have learned to ask them open, honest questions. This has provided me with feedback that I believe I wouldn’t have received if I had not been practicing this. Also this idea of “no fixing”—that is what I’m trained to do! I’m always trying to fix things. Every day, in every profession, there are paradoxes you come across. I’ve learned how to step back and hold and manage the paradoxes.

“[Courage & Renewal] has also helped me step back to look at my career and my life. I want to go in a direction as a physician where I take care of my patients to the best of my ability, and where as a leader, I make sure that all my providers and all the staff working with me are happy with their work and achieve their goals as I achieve mine—together.”

Q. How are you adding more Courage & Renewal to your professional life?

A. “After attending the Health Care Institute, I decided to take a new step and also join the Center for Courage & Renewal’s first cross-professional Academy for Leaders. I thought that if I could gain so much from my experience at the Institute, I’d like to learn even more ways to bring it back to my institution and to the providers in my group to help them, too, as we go forward.”

Get more details about the 2nd Annual Health Care Institute and see a video:


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