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The Power of Peer Learning Circles

“In addition to the two retreats that are very important to the Academy for Leaders – the initial retreat and the capstone ending retreat – are the monthly cohort calls. We gather using the wonder of technology in smaller groups of four or five, on monthly calls that last about two hours each. You might think that two hours each is a long time to be on the telephone, and I first thought that when we started these meetings, but it goes very quickly.

“Each person has the opportunity to share from their own leadership journey and to receive support from their peers in that learning circle about a particular leadership situation or incident they want to share in those calls.

“My experience of those calls has been that I always leave those calls with a deep sense of peace. It’s a very spiritual experience for me because I have been supported in that smaller arena. I’ve had the opportunity for people listen more deeply with me about the particular pondering or problem or event that I bring to that call.”