How do you walk your talk?

Do you feel like you’re on your feet 24/7, striving away at the hardest job you’ll ever love? Or are you stuck standing still in a place your soul can’t abide? Can you walk your talk with integrity?

What would happen if more of us decided to start acting on the outside in a way that is fully congruent with who we are on the inside?

The world needs more people with purpose and patience to take steps toward leading self-aware, authentic lives, not only for their own sake but for the sake of the common good.

In this spirit, today we announce our newest Courage & Renewal product, the Hidden Wholeness® shoe insole.

April Fools! Developed in collaboration with Pedagog, our high-tech premium insole was tested over 5 years with Courage & Renewal participants in their daily lives — teachers, physicians, ministers and an assortment of nonprofit leaders. Study subjects reported that the insoles helped them feel supported and revitalized with every step, regaining their resilience and balance.

Used in concert with the Courage & Renewal principles and practices, the Hidden Wholeness® insoles are clinically proven as a useful and comparatively inexpensive tool to alleviate work-related stress and burnout, while imparting a greater sense of integrity.

We’ve developed three versions to fit a variety of shoe styles and sizes — so whether you’re in the classroom, in the halls of the hospital, or inspiring others in your community, you’ll find one that fits your own authentic leadership. Look for the Circle of Trust® seal of approval wherever insoles are sold.

How do you walk your talk?

I’m wearing my own pair of Hidden Wholeness® insoles right now. I hope you’ll join me and share your experience at our Facebook page.

ORDER TODAY and get a surprise bonus!  Scroll down for details.

“What’s inside matters when you’re out there changing the world.”

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What People Are Saying About Their Courageous Soles

“The Hidden Wholeness® insoles help me renew my professional passion with every step. Plus I have a bunion and arch trouble and these made a huge difference.”
— Alison Tate, MD, Harvard Medical School

“If you’re brave enough to walk your talk, you deserve to do it in comfort. Every political activist and social entrepreneur should have Courage & Renewal inside their shoes.”
— William Isaac, social justice activist, Portland, OR

“It took courage to admit that my tired feet needed insoles, but now that I’m wearing the Hidden Wholeness® insoles, I’ll never go back. I have more energy than ever before.”
— Rev. Tom Esterly, East Shore, FL

“The Courage & Renewal insoles are poetry to my feet!”
— Megan Scribner, co-editor of Teaching with Heart: Poetry that Speaks to the Courage to Teach (coming May 2014)

“I strive to stand and deliver inspiring lessons to my kids every day. The Hidden Wholeness® insoles sustain me almost as much as Parker Palmer’s Courage to Teach book.”
— Betty Kramer, 9th grade teacher, La Crosse, WI

April Fool’s Day!

We hope you smile when you realize that there is
NOT REALLY a product called the Hidden Wholeness insole!

Thanks for being part of the Courage & Renewal community
and taking steps to live true to who you are.

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