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Health Care Institute

In the Courage & Renewal Health Care Institute, a small group of physicians, nurses, administrators and leaders in health care come together to explore important questions about leading change in a complex landscape.

Stay tuned for 2015 dates for the next Courage & Renewal Health Care Institute.

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Voices of Integrity in Health Care

Watch video interviews of our 2013 Institute Alumni


“Patients are very attuned to where we are and what we might be dealing with and how we feel about our work, more so than we might think. As we feel better about the work that we’re doing and more at ease and even joyful in that work, that translates into better patient care, better communication, and better outcomes.”

“For people who feel as though they’re losing hope and faith in what’s possible, in what we can accomplish, I think this will really help recharge their batteries. It’s nice to hear from other people intimately concerned with physician well-being, patient well-being.”

“If we could all be in that space where we are in touch with our hearts, we could change so much. And that’s the kind of change that is needed.”