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Courage & Renewal in Health Care

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It’s hard to imagine a more challenging time in health care. This is a time of unprecedented change. From every direction come fundamental questions about the future state of medicine. As health care leaders and professionals, we are asked to guide our organizations with courage, resilience and wisdom. It’s a challenge that requires not only our skills, but our full human capacity in every role and at every level.

  • How can we inspire others to be an active part of the process, to think critically, speak honestly and contribute constructively?
  • How do we create an environment in which our colleagues are able to retain their commitment while also openly expressing their concerns?
  • And through it all, how do we honor our own experience and not lose sight of the core values that brought us to medicine and to leadership initially?

“Our vision is that each person who contributes to health care and medical education has access to inner wisdom that can inspire choices for a more secure and sustainable health care system.”

Hanna Sherman, MD, Program Director, Health Care, Center for Courage & Renewal

We believe that our best hope for an improved system of health care lies in developing trustworthy, passionate and respectful leaders like you who are capable of creating alignment and a shared sense of purpose in your organizations.

Courage & Renewal programs are for physicians, nurses, health care leaders and administrators who want new skills,  enhanced capacity and resilience to navigate the complex demands and changes facing health care today.

Our programs are developed for both professional development and personal growth and renewal.

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Stories of Courage in Health Care

In this video: 12 physician leaders, one of the top white water rivers in the world, and a shared desire to grow a leadership that is courageous, passionate, and sustaining.

You Helped Midwives Deliver Babies with Great Love
Helping to deliver babies is a joyful experience—and also an exhausting job. Thanks to you, Jennie and her midwife team are nurturing a sense of resilience, acceptance and accomplishment.“We have a phenomenal group dynamic, and it has a lot to do with Courage & Renewal.” Read her story>>

2-cristin-and-gabeA Mother Speaks Up for Healthier Lives
Attending the Courage to Lead for Young Leaders and Activists retreat helped Cristin Lind get clear on her own truth. Now she’s confidently advocating for wholeness in health care on behalf of her son, Gabe, and families everywhere. “My expertise comes from my experience. I now have the courage to accept that being myself is more than enough.” Read her story>>

woody-english-slideYou Help Patients & Doctors Talk About What Matters Most
Dr. Woody English brought Courage & Renewal practices to palliative care teams. It’s helping patients, families and caregivers have meaningful conversations when facing serious illness or end of life. “It’s important that patients and families have a safe space to talk about love and loss, anger, regret, sadness, and fear.” Read his story>>

catalyst-herdleypaoliniOffering Antidotes to Physician Burnout
Herdley Paolini, Director of Physician Support Services at Florida Hospital, is tackling the crisis of physician burnout through Courage work. “I have physicians who…say, ‘This has changed my life. I was at the bottom. I could not think of practicing one more day, before I came to this retreat. I now feel renewed. And now my staff say they don’t recognize me.’” Read her story »

Rob Meyer, MD, helps new pediatricians explore meaning in medicine.Connecting to the Heart of Medicine
Rob Meyer, MD, discusses the importance of physicians staying true to their passion and being able to forge genuine connections with patients. “It gives the residents a chance to reflect on the reasons they went into medicine in the first place. Incorporating reflective practice into their lives will help them be better physicians now and for the long run.” Read his story »

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Voices of Integrity in Health Care

Watch video interviews of our 2013 Institute Alumni


“Patients are very attuned to where we are and what we might be dealing with and how we feel about our work, more so than we might think. As we feel better about the work that we’re doing and more at ease and even joyful in that work, that translates into better patient care, better communication, and better outcomes.”

“For people who feel as though they’re losing hope and faith in what’s possible, in what we can accomplish, I think this will really help recharge their batteries. It’s nice to hear from other people intimately concerned with physician well-being, patient well-being.”

“If we could all be in that space where we are in touch with our hearts, we could change so much. And that’s the kind of change that is needed.”

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