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Dan Liston

Boulder, CO, United States

Dan Liston is Professor in the School of Education at the University of Colorado – Boulder. His past published work includes numerous articles and several books examining the social and political context of schooling, reflection in teaching and teacher education, and the role of distinct traditions in school curriculum. He employs analytic philosophy, social theory, and literary and spiritual texts to examine the educational practices, structures, and theories. His current scholarship explores the role of reason and emotion in teaching. Recently he served as editor (with Hilda Borko and Jennie Whitcomb) of the Journal of Teacher Education and has received multiple awards for his teaching. He is the Co-Director (along with Paul Michalec) of Colorado Courage and Renewal, working with teachers, school and community leaders, clergy, and other various human services professionals. For 10 years Dan has worked with these professionals along Colorado’s Front Range.

Specialty Areas: Clergy & Faith, Education, Nonprofit