How many of us are completely comfortable calling ourselves leaders? Why not?

In the TEDxToronto video above, Drew Dudley shares a story about the moment he realized he had the idea of leadership all wrong.

“As long as we see leadership as something bigger than us―as long as we keep leadership as something beyond us―we give ourselves an excuse not to expect it every day from ourselves and from each other.”

“We start to devalue the things that we can do every day. And we start to take moments where we truly are a leader and we don’t let ourselves take credit for it and we don’t let ourselves feel good about it.”

Courage & Renewal teaches that if we can carry out our lives from a place of courage, love and integrity, we discover that all of us are leaders on the inside. And we can bring our leadership outward.

What if, as Drew suggests, we saw leadership in terms of lollipop moments: “how many we create, how many we acknowledge, how many we pay forward, and how many we say thank you for?”

Drew reminds us of the beauty in everyday leadership and that a small, even invisible, action can transform a life.

When did you last witness or create a lollipop moment?

What if we celebrate leadership as the everyday act of improving each other’s lives?


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