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Learning to Navigate the Mobius Strip of Money

Friday, May 4, 2018 - Sunday, May 6, 2018

Kirkridge Retreat and Study Center - Bangor, PA

May 4-6, 2018
Fri. 6 pm to Sun. 12 pm

Kirkridge Retreat Center
Bangor, Pennsylvania

$360 includes double occupancy room, board, and tuition.

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To navigate the Mobius strip of money with grace and understanding, people need to examine their attitudes about money and where those attitudes originated.  Money plays a strong role in our inner and outer lives, usually operating below the level of our complete awareness.

Money creates a certain kind of anxiety that makes talking about it something most people would rather avoid.  This retreat is expressly designed for anyone who wishes to identify and transcend the psychological and spiritual obstacles that prevent us from being able to ask others to support our passion and our work.  We will use Scottish Storyline, autobiography, and relationship building to improve our skills as fundraisers.

This will be a hands-on activie exploration of our relationship to money.  Come prepared to reflect, laugh, squirm, breathe, and ultimately live into a healthier relationship with money in your life.

“The journey of discovery begins not with new vistas but with having new eyes.” 
– Marcel Proust

Meet Your Facilitators

Jeff Creswell has been facilitating Courage & Renewal® retreats since 2000 for clergy and congregational leaders, educators and cross-professional groups. He was a classroom teacher in Portland, Oregon for 32 years, and is an educational consultant sharing the Scottish Storyline method with educators. He is a member of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral where he sings in the choir. He and his wife, Caryl enjoy spending time with their blended family of eight children and three grandchildren.

Megan LeBoutillier is an artist and writer who has been involved with Circle of Trust from their inception in 1996.  Prepared by The Center for Courage and Renewal to be a facilitator in 1999.  As a Kirkridge Courage Fellow from 2015-2017 Megan studied fundraising practices, wrote a workbook for Courage facilitators and interviewed philanthropists so that fundraisers could hear their voices and learn about who they are at heart.

Patti Smith facilitates retreats for the Center for Courage & Renewal and serves on the board of the Center for Biography and Social Arts.  She is a former Waldorf teacher currently working in large urban high school districts to increase graduation rates and life opportunities for students.  She is the co-editor with Signe Schaefer of More Lifeway’s, a book on family growth and development.

About Our Venue


Since 1942, Kirkridge Retreat and Study Center has provided a place for rest and renewal to pilgrims along life’s journey. Our retreats, our hospitality, our gorgeous vistas, and our sacred grounds have blessed, and continue to bless, countless lives.

We are located on a ridge of the beautiful Kittatinny Ridge of Northeast Pennsylvania, overlooking the Delaware Valley. You can say that the Kirkridge community is, too, now standing on our own precipice, as we look back on our over 75 years of service. For the past 75 years, we have served a thriving Christian and interfaith community. Looking ahead, we plan on serving an even wider community of people of good faith, no faith, and interfaith – and providing safe harbor to all.

As we work to embrace a wider community, our spirit of excellent hospitality is more important than ever. Our historic motto of “picket and pray” has now extended itself “to protect, tend, and embrace.” From the peak of the ridge to the clear waters in the valley below, the new century calls for stewardship, nurturing, and embracing inner stability with outer sustainability.


We invite you, as pilgrims in search of a balanced life, to help us nurture the ground on which we stand and the people with whom we interact each day to build a safe, sustainable future.

Kirkridge Retreat Center, 2495 Fox Gap Rd, Bangor, PA 18013

Registration and Fees

Fee: The registration fee is $360 and includes double occupancy room, board and tuition.

There is the possibility for some scholarship money if needed.

Registration: Please email

Participation: Participation is limited to 20 individuals.

Questions about this retreat?

Contact Megan LeBoutillier at

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