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The Fifth Habit of the Heart: A Capacity to Create Community

Healing the Heart of Democracy Discussion Guide (p. 256)
Video with Parker J. Palmer (1 min.)

Without a community, it is nearly impossible to achieve voice: it takes a village to raise a Rosa Parks. Without a community, it is nearly impossible to exercise the “power of one” in a manner that multiplies: it took a village to translate Park’s act of personal integrity into social change. In a mass society like ours, community rarely comes ready-made. But creating community in the places where we live and work does not mean abandoning other parts of our lives to become full-time organizers. The steady companionship of two or three kindred spirits can kindle the courage we need to speak and act as citizens. (“Five Habits of the Heart”)

Q. What communities or relationships have helped you develop and deploy voice and agency? Do you have such a group right now? If not, are there one or two people that you might reach out to for mutual support?

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