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Healing the Heart of Democracy Discussion Guide

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Welcome Readers,

Thank you for your interest in Healing the Heart of Democracy—the idea as well as the book—and for your desire to dive deeper into it with a group, on your own, or both. We hope that this Guide will encourage people like you to participate more actively in our democracy so that together we can create “a politics worthy of the human spirit.”

On this page are links to all the resources provided in the Discussion Guide for Healing the Heart of Democracy paperback. 



Hope is Fueled by Human Connection (243)
The Dedication (244)
The Epigraph (244)
The Politics of the Brokenhearted (245)
Lincoln’s Melancholy (246)
Sharing Our Stories (247)
Democracy: The Endless Experiment (247)
A Certain Relish for Confusion (248)
Creative Tension-Holding (249)
The Suffering in America (249)
Citizenship Lite Is Not Enough (251)
The Prophetic Alexis de Tocqueville (251)
The First Habit of the Heart: We’re All In This Together (253)
The Second Habit of the Heart: An Appreciation of Otherness (254)
The Third Habit of the Heart: A Capacity to Hold Tension Creatively (254)
The Fourth Habit of the Heart: A Sense of Voice and Agency (255)
The Fifth Habit of the Heart: A Capacity to Create Community (256)
The Role of Religion (257)
Speaking Our Truth: “I Believe” (257)
Our Overconfidence in Rationality (258)
“My Farmer’s Heart” (259)
A “Heart Disease” That Weakens Democracy: Consumerism (259)
A “Heart Disease” That Weakens Democracy: The Empty Self (260)
A Government That Functions Like a Loom (261)
Cultural Inventions to Hold Tension Creatively (262)
The Choreography of Democracy (262)
Embracing Diversity (263)
An Appreciative Eye for Humanity: “Betty’s Diner” (264)
Our Quest for Meaning and Purpose (264)
Rebuilding Democracy’s Infrastructure: Classrooms (265)
Rebuilding Democracy’s Infrastructure: Congregations (266)
Getting the News from Within (266)
Personal and National Mythologies (268)
Never Doubt the Power of Love: “One Woman and A Shovel” (269)
Social Movements, Stage Four: Punishment and Reward Transformed: “Stones in the River” (272)
Standing and Acting in the “Tragic Gap” (273)
From Effectiveness to Faithfulness (274)
A World of Light and Shadow: “I Heard an Owl” / Closing Reflections (274-275)

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