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Healing the Heart of Democracy Resources

For those of us who want to see democracy survive and thrive—and we are legion—the heart is where everything begins: that grounded place in each of us where we can overcome fear, rediscover that we are members of one another, and embrace the conflicts that threaten democracy as openings to new life for us and for our nation.
— from the “Prelude” in Parker J. Palmer’s Healing the Heart of Democracy

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In his latest book, Parker J. Palmer looks with realism and hope at how to deal with our political tensions for the sake of the common good: Healing the Heart of Democracy: The Courage to Create a Politics Worthy of the Human Spirit (Jossey-Bass, October 2011). The  paperback released in August 2014 includes a new Introduction and Discussion Guide.

The Center has compiled a range of on-line resources that help individuals and groups explore ideas and implications for civic renewal.

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More Resources on the Web

Season of Civility resources. The Wisconsin Council of Churches, the Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee and other partners are sponsoring a “Season of Civility” in 2012 and have created a web page of great resources to supplement our Healing the Heart of Democracy work:


Organizations Doing Good Work for Democracy

We offer this alphabetical list of organizations we admire for their commitment to citizenship, diversity, democracy and civic engagement, not to mention storytelling and poetry.

Cal Humanities’ Searching for Democracy, a statewide initiative in California designed to animate public conversation on the very nature of democracy through a wide range of public programs leading into the 2012 elections and beyond.

The CfA Commons is a marketplace for open innovation in government, tracking 638 apps in 260 cities. Engagement Commons is a curated collection of apps for civic engagement. For example, here’s a project that enables citizen engagement through a mobile phone app called Textizen.

Citizens for Public Justice is celebrating (in 2013) 50 years of inspiring and transforming public policy (such as issues on poverty and environment) in Canada through their work of faith, justice and politics.

Civic Life Project aims to engage and motivate today’s  high school and college students to connect with the fundamentals of our democracy and Constitution such that they not only understand the importance of civic issues, but also recognize their own ability to analyze, evaluate and establish a position on those issues, participate in a dialog concerning them and effect change.

Civic Reflection helps civic groups build capacity, commitment and community through reading and discussion. Since 1998 we have engaged thousands of citizens across America in discussing short readings—poems, stories, essays, scripture—as a means of reflecting on basic questions at the heart of their giving, service and leadership.

The Civil Conversations Project (CCP) is a series of radio shows hosted by Krista Tippet of On Being and an online resource for beginning new conversations in families and communities. ideas and tools for healing our fractured civic spaces.

The Council of Canadians, since 1985, educates and empowers citizens to act for social, economic and environmental justice in Canada and around the world. Canada’s largest citizens’ organization, it promotes progressive policies on fair trade, clean water, energy security, public health care, and other issues.

Front Porch Forum is a free community-building service. Your neighborhood’s forum is only open to the people who live there. It’s all about helping neighbors connect.

Everyday Democracy helps people of different backgrounds and views talk and work together to solve problems and create communities that work for everyone. Using innovative, participatory approaches, Everyday Democracy works with neighborhoods, cities and towns, regions, and states, placing particular emphasis on the connection between complex public issues and structural racism.

Guiding Lights Network specializes in the art of the gathering, creating experiences that spark civic imagination and social change. This site covers projects led by author/activist Eric Lui, including Civic Collaboratory, Citizen University (held annually in Seattle) and Sworn Again America Project.

KAIROS Canada is a network of Canadian churches and religious organizations united in faithful action for justice, ordinary citizens of faith and conscience, working together for extraordinary change, and people from Africa, Latin America, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East partnering with Canadians to change the world.

Living Room Conversations Just as a wildfire can start with a single spark, a shift in culture can start with a single conversation. A living room is the match, the conversation is the spark, and the people will become the wildfire that forever change the landscape we call democracy. This is an open-source project that uncovers common ground through conversations among individuals with differing viewpoints. We dream of respectful conversation becoming the new normal.

Mapping Main Street is a collaborative documentary media project that creates a new map of the country through stories, photos and videos recorded on actual Main Streets. The goal is to document all of the more than 10,000 streets named Main in the United States. We invite you to capture the stories and images of the country today.

Neighborland is a new way to make your city a better place, providing residents, neighborhood organizations, economic development groups, and municipalities with a powerfully simple platform to connect and make good things happen. A healthy neighborhood is a connected neighborhood.

write congress at POPVOXPOPVOX bridges the gap between the input the public wants to provide and the information Members of Congress want and need to receive. POPVOX verifies, aggregates, and simplifies communication with Congress on an open and trusted (and nonpartisan) common ground. researches issues that are controversial and important, and work to present them in a balanced, comprehensive, straightforward, and primarily pro-con format at no charge on our websites. The New York Times called “the most comprehensive tool for researching the candidate’s stance on issues” in an article titled “Great Free Websites for Teaching Election 2012.”

Public Conversations Project prevents and transforms conflicts driven by deep differences in identity, beliefs, or values. Doing Dialogue is the blog that is a hub for conversation and interaction around issues of dialogue and conflict resolution.