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Deepen Your Practice

Would you like to experience Courage & Renewal in-person? We offer a range of programs and retreats to give you in-depth practice of the Circle of Trust® approach for your life, your leadership and the places where you work.

What are you seeking?

bannerphoto11Renewal for Life & Work

Are you ready to give yourself the time and space to reflect on important questions about your life and work?  These programs and retreats are a profound experience of the Circle of Trust® approach as applied to your personal growth and professional development. You can return to these programs more than once to replenish your heart and soul, to discern your next step, and to renew your commitment to living an undivided life. For any stage in your life and career, these programs help you “connect who you are with what you do!” Learn more.

bannerphoto3Leadership Development Programs

Do you want to build your inner capacity for authentic and trustworthy leadership? Our leadership programs are designed for experienced and emerging organizational and community leaders from diverse professions—education, health care, business, public service, nonprofit, philanthropy, community activism, social justice, and religious life—to develop practices that support effective and courageous leadership.  Learn more.

bannerphoto6Profession-Specific Programs

If you wish to strengthen your leadership capacity in the company of peers within your professional sector, explore these professional development programs:

Leading Team & Organizational Transformation

Want to create a culture in your workplace based on relational trust? Or train your team or organization in the practices of Courage & Renewal? Check out these options.

Leading Circles of Trust Yourself