I’m excited to announce that our next book from the Center for Courage & Renewal is being printed now and shipping to bookstores in a few weeks! The Courage Way: Leading and Living with Integrity is a guide to leadership that shows how to access and draw upon courage in all that you do.

How do we equip and sustain ourselves to adapt and thrive in a world that feels so volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous? Having more courage might seem like an obvious answer, but it’s not always clear how to find and sustain the kind of courage you need on any given day.

Based on interviews with more than 120 people, The Courage Way illustrates how leaders have overcome personal and professional challenges and strengthened their organizations by applying the principles and practices of Courage & Renewal.

Check out the special website we created to spread the word about our new book. We will be adding reader resources, stories, and downloads.

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  3.  Pre-order the book or ask your favorite local bookstore to stock it.

The book’s launch date is Tuesday, February 6th!  Stay tuned for more news as the date approaches.


To live into the future means to leap into the unknown, and this requires a degree of courage for which there is no immediate precedent and which few people realize.
—Rollo May

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