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Faithfulness To Our Profession as Teachers

Jennifer Cheatham, superintendent of schools in Madison, Wisconsin, reflects on teacher activism, the importance of reflection, and a recent conversation she had with Parker Palmer.

Seizing Teachable Moments: An African-American Professor’s Reflections of Conversations on Race and Culture with White Students

  Over the past twelve years, I have functioned in the capacity of both adjunct faculty and National Faculty at Lesley University, a private university in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I have had the distinct pleasure of teaching courses across the United States for the division of Creative Arts in Learning (CAL) as a part of the  Continue Reading »

Know That It Is Possible: Dreams in the Desert

Today we hear from two Courage & Renewal facilitators, Tara Reynolds and David Henderson, as they offer their reflections on their recent experience presenting at the Near East South Asia Council of Overseas Schools’ (NESA) Fall Leadership Conference. The attendees included educational leaders from around the Middle East and Southeast Asia who work primarily in  Continue Reading »

Parker J. Palmer Reflects on a Lifetime of Learning

This blog features an excerpt from “Parker J. Palmer Reflects on a Lifetime of Learning with Executive Editor, Frank Shushok Jr.” in the journal About Campus. In his Editor’s Note, Frank unpacked the issue’s theme – Learning to Struggle. With Frank’s permission, we’ve excerpted a portion from his note as an introduction to his interview with Parker: The  Continue Reading »

New Thank You, Teachers Project Launches Wave of Gratitude for Nation’s Teachers

Every day in classrooms across the country, dedicated professionals put in long hours educating students, preparing lessons, grading homework, engaging with families, collaborating with colleagues, and overcoming obstacles. Their work is vital to children, parents, communities, and our future, yet rarely do teachers receive the thanks they deserve. The new Thank You, Teachers Project wants  Continue Reading »

My First Year Teaching – The Courage to Teach with Gratitude

Teaching is a challenging endeavor. With all the demands on a teacher’s time and energy, it is easy to lose the enthusiasm that brought us into the classroom. The situation is not getting any easier with new requirements added to our load, including standardized testing and dealing with changing curriculums. My first year teaching, I  Continue Reading »

STEM Collaborations and Trust

This blog features an excerpt from The STEM Shift: A Guide for School Leaders by Courage & Renewal facilitator Ann Myers and her colleague, Jill Berkowicz. “In systems of trust people are free to create the relationships they need. Trust enables the system to open. The system expands to include those it had excluded. More  Continue Reading »

Courageously Speaking and Listening In Schools

photo via Valery Kenski on flickr Have you ever felt the fingernails of words scraping on your skin? Have words ever maligned or ridiculed you? Many of us have felt that type of abuse. It seems to be rampant throughout our digital spaces. Our playgrounds are hurting. That’s one issue to address. A second is  Continue Reading »

New Leaf Leadership Academy: Where High Schoolers Learn Lessons for All of Life’s Journeys

Refocusing Education “I was so used to a traditional school where if I didn’t know the answer I’d just ask the teacher. But Rona makes me figure it out myself. It’s important to live through your own questions, and find your own answers—it’s more meaningful!” said Amanda Rainey, a high school senior at the New  Continue Reading »

Kids want us, not just our information!

Standards-based curriculum and pedagogy are the #1 priorities in our schools, but they are only part of what helps children grow up happy, whole, and successful. Who we are in our classrooms has an even greater impact on our kids. They watch our every move, and absorb everything we do and say (and don’t say).  Continue Reading »