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A Few Thoughts on Complacency & Repair

This blog features an article originally published on Susan M. Glisson’s Sustainable Equity blog. With Susan’s gracious permission, we share this reflection with you today. In an increasingly polarized social and political climate, I’ve been searching for sources that attempt to analyze what is at the heart of the discord that appears to exist between  Continue Reading »

Simple Presence: A Wish for the New Year

A few days after moving, I put on my gloves and coat and went for my first walk in the new neighborhood. Sometimes the best way to settle in is to give my body the chance to orient itself, to begin to know a place. I walked up the hill and past the domed church, watching how  Continue Reading »

In Gratitude

As we turn toward Thanksgiving this week in the United States, I’m remembering the lines by poet Suji Kwock Kim from “Slant”: I can’t help thinking no word will ever be as full of life as this world, I can’t help thinking of thanks. Here are some of the words of gratitude I hold this  Continue Reading »

Passing the Baton: Reflections on Retirement

This is a poignant year for me. In 2009, I surprised myself and applied to be the Executive Director of the Center for Courage & Renewal. Next June, I will retire and pass this role forward to the next ED. My years at the Center have been humbling, enlivening, challenging and fulfilling. I’ve always thought  Continue Reading »

Ever Widening Circles of Us

When we hear about how people are reflecting on and sharing Courage & Renewal work in their sacred spaces, homes, and communities, we’re always curious to learn more about their stories and how they were drawn to this work. We asked John McNeill, pastor at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in Ithaca, NY, Karen Kaufmann,  Continue Reading »

Charleston and Orlando Are Sacred Ground

This summer, dozens of people from the LGBTQ community, mostly people of color, were murdered in Florida. A year before that, black churchgoers were shot down in South Carolina. Killing rage, in sacred spaces. Sacred: Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. Charleston. June 17, 2015. Sacred: Pulse Night Club. Orlando. June 12, 2016. Because when a church casts you  Continue Reading »

Inner Leadership, Inner Journey: Lessons from El Camino

Pilgrimage is a universal phenomenon that describes the journey of human life, the search for meaning, an inner journey. This journey is inward and outward, an opportunity to discover new meaning or encounter the world with fresh eyes. Pilgrimage, a special kind of travel, is a physical, geographical and a spiritual effort. It is the  Continue Reading »

Confiding in Others Is an Act of Love

Being human means having things in our lives that feel too painful, too raw, or too unformed to share. Yet secrets are not always shameful. Sometimes they are precious ideas we are batting around, or fragile hopes of possibility, or tender seeds for creating something new. Just as seeds need strong husks, we need protected  Continue Reading »

A Personal Reflection for 5777

I am sitting at a small maple desk built by someone’s dear hands in the 1800s, or so I was told by the antique dealer I purchased it from. I know it is old because the craftsman built it without using one nail, the desktop smooth, dipping ever so slightly where I imagine many papers  Continue Reading »

A New Manifesto for a New American Dream

The New Better Off: Reinventing the American Dream dives deep in a most refreshing way. In this thoughtfully curated, graceful yet punchy book, Courtney E. Martin has created a holistic, all-in-one manifesto for a brand-new American dream. A good manifesto for community, belonging, and creativity should be lively and earthy, and this book is both of these.  Continue Reading »