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The World Needs More Kindness. Here’s How You Can Help.

Strength in Kind Leadership When my daughter was 15 years old she had to give a brief speech in front of a congregation as part of a “coming of age” ceremony for the youth group. Josie was a wisp of a girl and she did not like the spotlight, which had always been an odd paradox.  Continue Reading »

Valarie Kaur Wants Us to Reclaim Love as a Revolutionary Act. But How?

If you don’t know who Valarie Kaur is, you absolutely should. Kaur is a civil rights activist, lawyer, award-winning filmmaker, faith leader, and educator. She is also the founder of the Revolutionary Love Project, an organization that “produces stories, tools, curricula, conferences, films, and mass mobilizations rooted in the ethic of love.” Originally hailing from Clovis, California, where  Continue Reading »

Where Does Joy Fit In to Courage?

We’re claiming 2018 as a year of courage. As our new book, The Courage Way, arrives in the world this week, may it expand your sense of courage and possibility. We must assume our existence as broadly as we in any way can; everything, even the unheard-of, must be possible in it. That is at bottom the  Continue Reading »

Finding Direction and Purpose in Times of Transition

I discovered the Center for Courage & Renewal through a couple of odd coincidences. My own 40-year reunion class of Carleton College, 2016, had sent out Parker Palmer’s book Let Your Life Speak. While I read the book and was intrigued and interested, it was really a second nudge—or coincidence or sign—that gave me the push  Continue Reading »

The Inner Life of Boys and Men

My father turned eighty-three last April. Having had a stroke six years prior, he’d been in steady physical decline, progressing more rapidly within the year leading to his birthday. I’d notice him walk a little slower and his ability to communicate was slipping from his grasp. He could only speak in simple terms and by evening grew  Continue Reading »

Finding Tempo Giusto

I’m what you would call a typical morning person. My energy peaks before noon. For night-owls, this behavior is a total mystery. I’m equally in awe of those who are able to have intellectual conversations after 9 o’clock pm. I prefer watching the sun rise. Ideas flow easily pre-dawn, and I treasure the spaciousness of uninterrupted  Continue Reading »

The Courage to Be Vulnerable Comes from Community

When I first applied to attend the Courage to Lead for Young Leaders and Activists retreat, I had also just learned that I was selected from thousands of applicants to speak at TedX Toronto 2017.  Although I was passionate and knowledgable about my topic, I was a bit nervous. The Young Leaders retreat gave me new  Continue Reading »

What grounds you in hope?

Unknowingly, we plow the dust of stars, blown about us by the wind, and drink the universe in a glass of rain. ~Ihab Hassan I’ve always found Solstice times to be deeply grounding. Something about placing ourselves in the larger universe of ongoing cycles of change and renewal helps me put my own life and  Continue Reading »

Coming Soon to Bookstores Near You!

I’m excited to announce that our next book from the Center for Courage & Renewal is being printed now and shipping to bookstores in a few weeks! The Courage Way: Leading and Living with Integrity is a guide to leadership that shows how to access and draw upon courage in all that you do. How  Continue Reading »

Fired Up About Social Justice and Self-Care in Community

What gets me fired up is how to better connect individual wellbeing, awareness, and self-care with community wellbeing, especially through methods that address and reverse social injustice. I greatly wanted to connect with other leaders who are interested in mobilizing these shared efforts. That’s why I applied to attend the Courage to Lead for Young  Continue Reading »