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Lessons in Scarcity and Abundance with a Deer

We have the best soil in New York State. In fact, it’s literally the state soil. I didn’t know there was such a thing until we moved into our place 17 years ago. At that time, our neighbor would wander over and say, “Our soil is rich. It’s almost too rich.” I’d smile. How can  Continue Reading »

How do you fortify your heart in hard times?

Music can offer sustenance in hard times, especially when songs — and the singing — are a shared experience. We invite you to post your favorite “soul fortifying” songs to make a shared soundtrack together.

Poised Between the Known and Unknown

“If you find yourself poised between the known and the unknown, between what has been and what comes next, we invite you to join us for a weekend retreat to explore the theme of threshold.” That was me, poised between the known and unknown. In 1994 my wife, Melinda Shaw, and I founded the Puget Sound  Continue Reading »

Seizing Teachable Moments: An African-American Professor’s Reflections of Conversations on Race and Culture with White Students

  Over the past twelve years, I have functioned in the capacity of both adjunct faculty and National Faculty at Lesley University, a private university in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I have had the distinct pleasure of teaching courses across the United States for the division of Creative Arts in Learning (CAL) as a part of the  Continue Reading »

Wanna’ know how to cope with climate change? Start with changing yourself.

Courage & Renewal facilitator Mardi Tindal reflects on her calling to be a voice for climate change, whether in her official capacity that took her to the Paris COP21 climate talks, or in her more recent role in life as an elder.

How Do You Show Up?

When I was a child growing up in the Gulf Coast of Texas I lived through three large hurricanes that brought significant flooding to my community. So I watched in horror as Hurricane Harvey descended on Houston and environs, and as South Asia lost over a thousand people to their flooding disaster. My family was  Continue Reading »

Touchstone: A New Courage & Renewal Initiative for Business Executives

                What is trust? Really. Not just a definition or concept but the lived experience. I wonder how you might answer that question at a deep level? This February, we are launching the first pilot program called Touchstone: Trusted Leaders. Trusted Spaces. Offered in the Midwest, it will  Continue Reading »

Not Another Bird

On the final morning of a recent Center for Courage & Renewal retreat, I stood in the hallway staring out a large window, watching a cardinal standing on a trashcan outside, three feet away from the window, looking at the glass. From the outside, the window is highly reflective, so the cardinal was likely seeing  Continue Reading »

Coming to Light: Cultivating Clarity for Leaders through the Quaker Clearness Committee

The clearness committee, developed by members of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), is an individual and communal process of spiritual discernment, an instrument to understand the movement of God (in Quaker terms) in a person’s life, and a way for a community to offer support and guidance at critical times. The Light Within is  Continue Reading »

Into the Light of Demanding Justice

Both courage and cowardice showed up in Charlottesville, Virginia, this weekend. The counter-demonstrators showed up with the courage to stand for their values. The demonstrators hid behind weapons and vicious words to violently reject everything and everyone they stood against. While they did not hide under white robes and masks, I still call this cowardice  Continue Reading »