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Sending Courage Prayers to Bhutan

In the Courage to Lead for Nonprofit Leaders retreat series co-facilitated by Ken Saxon and Kim Stokely in Santa Barbara, California, one of the exercises at the fourth of five retreats is to invite participants to design and create prayer flags. The following morning each participant presents their flag to the entire cohort, and then  Continue Reading »

Finding the Held-Back Place of Goodness in the Broken Hearts of Veterans

Before there were the concepts of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or Moral Injury to describe veterans’ suffering that persisted long after battle, there was the concept of “soldier’s heart,” which dates back to the American Civil War. The place of veterans’ suffering was sought in the heart. The heart is the place of courage (the Latin  Continue Reading »

My Mother Was a Freedom Fighter

The first time I met Caribbean-American poet, Aja Monet, was in a church basement in New York City. We were there to read essays we had written for a book called Talking Taboo: American Christian Women Get Frank About Faith. I remember Aja, with her bouncy hair and bright lips, remarking how long it had  Continue Reading »

Welcoming Curiosity

                How curious are you? I like to think of curiosity as a friend to empathy. And, if I go back to the root meaning of the word – the Latin curiosus – I arrive right beside the word care. Curiosity can be a form of compassion. Done  Continue Reading »

On Labyrinths and Better Paths

From my office window today, like most days, I can see the park across the street, birds searching together for food, neighbors walking their dogs. But today I can also see a construction crew pouring a new concrete path in front of Pilgrim Chapel and the parsonage office where I work. The old path was  Continue Reading »

Welcoming Spring

Here in Seattle, we are drenched in record-setting amounts of rain. Learning to welcome what’s in front of me – this season of transition into spring, into change – is blurred by an overwhelming sense of saturation. I wonder if you feel this way, too. It’s not just the literal change from winter to spring. Wherever  Continue Reading »

Finding Chutzpah to Attend to Anger and Grief

This blog features an article originally published on Kolbe Times. With Dan’s gracious permission, we share this article with you today. As I write this, my life is strangely on hold for three months. I can’t say I am comfortable with the feeling. It comes down to May 9, 2017: the day that the province  Continue Reading »

Narrative Imagination: An Activism of Radical Empathy

Photo by Richard Ha [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons  “Were any of you tear gassed at the airport?” “Did you get back from the march ok?” “Do you have your emergency numbers memorized?” It’s strange, living in these times, exchanging the above phrases with my friends engaged in nonviolent activism. We text each other  Continue Reading »

Welcoming Hope

How have you been welcoming hope these days? I’m finding that the need is great today to welcome hope in myself and those around me.  As I’ve been staring with a heavy heart into what feels like a widening “tragic gap” (what Parker describes as “the gap between the hard realities around us and what  Continue Reading »

Know That It Is Possible: Dreams in the Desert

Today we hear from two Courage & Renewal facilitators, Tara Reynolds and David Henderson, as they offer their reflections on their recent experience presenting at the Near East South Asia Council of Overseas Schools’ (NESA) Fall Leadership Conference. The attendees included educational leaders from around the Middle East and Southeast Asia who work primarily in  Continue Reading »