New Video! Parker on Healing the Heart of Democracy

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  • Jill McKibben  - Bravo Parker!
    Can you go to Congress NOW and talk some sense into those people? Seriously, I so much enjoyed the retreat last fall and can't wait for my pre-order of your book from Amazon to be processed and sent my way.
  • Shirley H, Showalter  - Rebuilding Habits of the Heart
    Thanks, Parker, for giving me hope and courage in a bleak political time.Could you please teach a national Civics class for all students--and all politicians??
  • Jim Foster
    I look forward to Parker's new book
  • Marie P. Farnsworth  - Lightening the burden
    I have been carrying around the burden of lack of decency, caring, regard, respect, that is the current climate not only in our political sphere, but also seems to be enveloping our lives.

    I am currently reading Ken Wilber's Integral Spirituality which fits right in, at first glance, with the topic of this book.

    As an educator and a concerned human being, I look forward to the book.
  • Judy Proctor  - reclaiming "we the people"
    I am inspired to share the habits of the heart and encourage widening conversations. It seems that the people have sensed their lack of power among the moneyed elite, and in response have turned away from the public debate. Conversation, in particular conversations with those different than ourselves, is the easily accessible reentry back into the political arena.

    Looking forward to the book.

    Thank you Parker Palmer for your continuing good work!
  • Steve Parsons  - diversity within our community of alikeness...
    Mr. Palmer you write and speak on a level of enlightenment of very few, especially on this topic of the political empowerment.
    I too am ready to work on a new passion of daily deeds to get things done...coming the from lower class in the West Virginia coals mines...never was I nor my family expected to engage in making a change or upholding the beliefs of our fore mothers/fathers. I hope my/your/ours legacy will show the way to those who believe they have no voice nor have a right express themselves due to the lack of monetary capitol and self esteem. I hope you and your work can help show us the way...and to spread that "news" back to the home folk of the poor Americans. Diversity within our community of likeness may seems like an exhausted and overworked topic but it seems to me we have hardly begun.
    A new look in the future in your new publication is a welcomed thought.
  • Parker J. Palmer  - Thank You
    My thanks to all of you for your comments and encouragement as the Center takes first steps toward contributing to the renewal of our civil society. I'll do my best to help this effort along—as I know all of you will—and I hope the book and the Center's emerging programs will stimulate some creative political discourse. Steve, I very much appreciate your remarks about the importance of helping people who have been disempowered by poverty to find their voices and reclaim their power. Back in the mid-1990s, I spent a year as a visiting professor at Berea College in Kentucky, working with students who came from a background akin to your own. It was a year of big learning for me as I saw both the disempowerment that poverty can create and the grassroots activism that grows in Appalachia as people band together to fight corporate greed, environmental destruction, and all the health hazards and economic injustice that come from that toxic brew. Along with my colleagues at the Center, I am eager to find ways to partner with folks who are involved in activism of that sort. So if you, Steve, or others have suggestions, please let us know. Thanks again to all of you for your contributions to this conversation. What better way to celebrate this Fourth of July than to join as citizens in a constructive civic conversation?!
  • Dave Boyer  - I know it will start with me
    Parker, this video introduction to the movement and learning you would like to see - with the book being but one piece - is a wonderful summary and an important calling. I think I'll read the book in a different way after watching this. I'll start page one with an expectation that the reclaiming begins with me - how can I learn the practices, how can I begin to have different conversations?

    I think I'll be helped immensely by knowing that there will be many others reading and then thinking about how they will be a part of the reclaiming. Thanks for helping us along and bringing people together.
  • J Regalado
    Thank you for your heartfelt and courageous work, thank you for extending it into the realm of our political system. I am an American currently living in Australia where things seem to be quite different than the US - the economy seems to be booming & things seem to be looking "up" for the people here, and yet all are aware that the concerns and challenges faced by the US are also relevant to, must to some extent be confronted by, and, ultimately, have consequences around the world.

    I am heartened to know this work is my work in a community with others, and that the doom being transmitted across the airways or on the news in Australia is by no means the whole picture of this strange, scary, transitional time in the US.

    It feels like a call to courage and to heart and it will take time and effort.

    I look forward to your book's publication!
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