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Healing Democracy Action Circles

HHD-ActionGuideTired of the cacophony of political punditry we hear everyday, particularly during election season? Be part of a first-of-its-kind opportunity created with the help of our friend and collaborator, writer/activist Courtney E. Martin, called Healing Democracy Action Circles. It’s one way to dignify the complexity and courage of our real civic lives, far afield of the polarities too often promoted during our 24-hour news cycle.

Neighbors, congregants, colleagues, and students are gathering all over the country to explore the habits of the heart that Parker Palmer describes in his latest book, Healing the Heart of Democracy: The Courage to Create a Politics Worthy of the Human Spirit. The free Democracy Action Circles Guide is for anyone who wants to participate.

Also see the Healing the Heart of Democracy Discussion Guide & Videos, created for the paperback version of the book.

Imagine discussing what it means to “hold tension in a life-giving way,” then taking someone who has totally different views on education reform or environmental issues out to lunch. Imagine discussing what it means to “have personal voice and agency,” then trying your hand at your first ever op-ed piece about an issue in your local community that’s been driving you crazy.

This is intended to be a space apart from the daily debate in our workplaces and small-minded thinking of our 24-7 media; instead, we hope it enlivens everyone involved through provocative questions, fun experiments in citizenry, and renewed communities of people who may disagree about any number of things, but all want our politics to reflect the true dignity of the human spirit.

If you have a group already in mind, fantastic. If you’d like to organize a group, join a group, or add to an existing group, try Meetup.  Use “Healing Democracy Meetup Group” so that others can find you to share this adventure together.

Game? Get involved by downloading the Healing Democracy Action Circles Guide now .

Learn more about Healing the Heart of Democracy.