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Guess who just turned 75?


Academy for Leaders
October 2014-April 2015, Austin, TX
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Habits of the Heart for Healthy Congregations
August 11-14, 2014, Racine, WI
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Retreats for Renewal in Life & Work

April 11-13, Western Australia  

May 16-18, Estes Park, CO

May 29-31, Mebane, NC

June 12-14, British Columbia

June 17-19, Nova Scotia

June 19-22, British Columbia

July 17-19, Union, WA

July 25-27, Queensland

Aug 4-10, Santa Fe, NM

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Online Workshop with Parker J. Palmer Self-guided at Cojourneo.com

Our mission is to create a more just, compassionate and healthy world by nurturing personal and professional integrity and the courage to act on it.

Discover how to cultivate your inner capacity to lead a more authentic, meaningful and engaged life. Explore our online resources and in-person retreats and programs, offered by the Center for Courage & Renewal and our global network of Courage & Renewal Facilitators.

Hear how Courage & Renewal has made a difference in the lives of people who've attended our programs.

Our programs offer a profound experience of our Circle of Trust® approach — as described in Parker J. Palmer’s book, A Hidden Wholeness: Journey Toward an Undivided Life. (See our signature Journey retreats.) Founder and senior partner of the Center for Courage & Renewal, Palmer was named in 2011 an Utne Reader Visionary, one of “25 people who are changing your world.”

Watch videos with Parker Palmer and friends as they share their stories of courage and renewal.

With your donations you can help more people find clarity, integrity, and the courage to continue leading and serving. The Center for Courage & Renewal is a 501 (c)(3) educational nonprofit organization. 

Retreats & Programs

Renewal for life & work


Professional Development

Facilitator Preparation

Healing the Heart of Democracy

Our network of 200 Courage & Renewal® facilitators across the United States, Canada and Australia hold additional retreats and programs. Contact a facilitator in your region.




Listen to Parker Palmer speak about reflection, renewal, and living an undivided life.

 Embracing the Tensions of Ministry
Erin LaneApril 23, 2014 In the stillness of February, with sheets of ice still clinging to the pavement and snow...

Retreats & Programs


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